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Dancing 2020 – Week 1 – Time Get Your Groove On!


Groove Note: This DWTSau breakdown was meant to be up last week, but one of the dogs had cabin fever because the rain and wanted to constantly go outside.

Dancing with the Stars is back for 2020 and it’s time to get your groove on!

We’ve been looking forward to the new season of Dancing with the Stars because we can get our groove on alongside our new batch of celebrities. Like last year, we’re going to follow the action as the celebs take to the dance floor.

Unfortunately, Craig was unable to show for week 1 so his place was taken by Emmy-nominated choreographer Mandy Moore.

Celia and Jarryd

Celia gets her groove on with the Cha Cha. Truthfully, her moves were a little constricted and tight, but that’s to be expected for a first performance.

Sharna says she needs to work on her footwork. Tristan said it was entertaining and that Celia had him on side. Mandy said she was so, so good and loved the 80s vibe.

Celia’s score is: 18

Ed and Jorja

Ed might be a comedian but we never thought he’d get on the dance floor with dance partner, Jorja. Their first dance is Foxtrot. Talk about uplifting. He looks like he belongs in a Fred Astaire movie. And Dave Hughes appears? Urgh!

Tristan said he had talent and he had potential and it was a start. Mandy flirted with him, but in all good fun. Mandy praised him for how good it was given how difficult the dance is. Sharna said he needs to work on his frame.

Ed’s score is: 14

Chloe and Gustavo

As the daughter of Olivia Newton-John, Chloe Lattanzi knows a bit about getting her groove on. Though, doing Dancing with the Stars is no walk in the park.

Chloe is very good! She keeps in time with the music and her moves for the Foxtrot are fluent!

Mandy said the dance was beautiful and praised Chloe for getting her groove back. Sharna said there was is a lot of potential and that she needs to work on her frame. Tristan said she needs to be careful of her eye line.

Chloe’s score is: 18

Christian and Lily

Christian’s first dance is the tango and he’s fabulous! The best part is this tango is to Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy!

Sharna said it was little hunched over but it was awesome. Tristan said it was cool. Mandy loved it and said he was sexy.

Christian’s score is: 18

Dean and Alex

Dean’s first dance is the Cha Cha and he did groove to MC Hammer. Not bad, right? He looked like he was having the time of his life.

Tristan said Dean looked like 90% of his mates dancing which is awesome by him. He said the dance wasn’t great, but he enjoyed it. Mandy said she saw parallels between Dean and Ryan Gosling. She gave a small piece of advice for the the next performance: he needs to find his inner twinkle toes and he needs to find some grace. Sharna said she was speechless. But she said there wasn’t very much Cha Cha in the routine.

Dean’s score is: 11

Angie and Julian

Angie’s first dance was the foxtrot. She looked like she was having fun, but she did admit she needed to be fitter and do more cardio.

Mandy said she loved Angie’s smile and the choreography but she said that Angie needs to be present and believe in herself. Sharna said the fitness will be a real problem because Angie’s upper half crumples in so she needs to go to the gym more. Tristan said it was tight but the confidence will come and that she can’t fear what’s to come.

Angie’s score is: 14

Beau and Megan

Beau’s first dance is Cha Cha. Beau looks really awkward but he looks like he’s having loads of fun.

Sharna said he missed some of the timing but there was loads of potential. Tristan said he looked like Shakira. Mandy told him to let it loose.

Beau’s score is: 13

Travis and Violeta

The first groove Travis has to contend with is the Viennese Waltz. He looks really graceful despite being an AFL footballer.

Tristan said he needs to use his knees and the floor more. Mandy was impressed, calling him a dancer. Sharna said the dance was the first one that night to give her the feels.

Travis’s score is: 17

Claudia and Aric

Claudia’s first dance is Cha Cha. Really amazing moves and she gave Aric a run for his money.

Mandy said it was a treat to watch. Sharna said she set the floor on fire. Tristan said there were a few issues but nothing major.

Claudia’s score is: 21

Dami and Shae

Viennese Waltz is Dami’s first dance. Dami’s dance is so graceful and it looks like she’s having so much fun.

Sharna said she saw potential in her and that she needs to have faith in herself more. Tristan saw it as beautiful and thought it was going to be bad given she hadn’t been in the rehearsal all that much due to commitments but was surprised. Mandy said she looked like she was having the time of her life.

Dami’s score is: 14

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