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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy And Finn Put Liam In His Place! Hope Accuses Her Husband Of Being Jealous

Liam is green with envy and it’s pissing everyone off, especially Finn who is at the receiving end of Steffy’s ex’s ‘concerns’.

Steffy can defend herself, Liam! God, stop being so green with envy. Is there jealousy brewing within the framework that is William Spencer III? Quite likely. He hasn’t hidden his distain for Finn and it’s become obvious to everyone around him.

Liam claims that Finn missed the warning signs of Steffy’s opioid addiction because of his attraction to her. This also has been lost on Hope or Thomas either who worry that he’s jealous of the heiress’ new man.

Shut Up, Liam!

We’ve made this point before in an earlier post on the subject but Liam is married to Hope and is playing happy families with her, Beth, and Douglas. He no longer gets to dictate aspects of Steffy’s life.

The green with envy thing is not a good look for Liam at all and it shows more than it should. Hope makes a good point during her conversation with Thomas and Zende when she says that she reckons that her husband is having a hard time seeing his ex move on with another man.

For a long time, Liam has been the only man in Steffy’s life outside of perhaps his father and brother who were both with Ridge and Taylor’s daughter at some point.

Finn says it himself when he argues with Liam about his newfound place in Steffy’s life. He would never replace the Spencer heir as Kelly’s father which is clearly what the main concern is.

Credit Where It’s Due? Seriously, Liam?

It’s obvious the green with envy trope applies to Liam given his animosity towards his supposed rival. What makes this a travesty in Steffy and Finn’s eyes is the overprotectiveness.

Steffy has been through a lot, there is no denying that but she can take care of herself. She doesn’t need any man to look out for her. She came out the other side of losing ‘Phoebe’ with just a broken heart which has semi healed. Also, she kicked her drug addiction where it hurts so she could be with Kelly again.

Liam says Finn is saying all the right things to him, but he… can’t believe it? OMFG! He also makes the startling accusation that there is something about the hot doc that he doesn’t trust. Like what? Yes, the guy needs to come off as three dimensional, but Tanner (the guy who plays the doctor) has said that his character has a dark side, according to|SheKnows.

However, Liam does have a good point when he says his gut feelings are normally right. He was correct about Thomas using Zoe and Hope and the whole thing with Beth’s adoption being illegal was on point. But, what if his instincts are wrong this time.

Hope Calls Liam Out!

Upon returning to Forrester, Liam’s green with envy phase raises its ugly head once more. He relays everything that happens with Finn to his wife, and boy is Hope sick of hearing how much he hates the doc.

Hope lays into her husband for blaming Finn for being the one to get Steffy hooked on opioids. She was in a goddamn accident with Bill who has never had any ill intent towards her despite what her father and brother say. Mrs Spencer even makes the point that Finn got Steffy into treatment.

This makes her question whether there is more to what is going on Liam than he’s letting on. Oh, we don’t know. Perhaps he is jealous of Finn being with Steffy when he himself chose Hope? We’re just spit balling here.

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