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Home and Away THEORY: Will Jasmine Tell A Great White Lie To Her In-Laws To Get Custody Of Grace?

great white lie

With Jasmine’s unstable state of mind, will she tell a great white lie to get what she wants?

Jasmine Delaney’s life has continued to spiral and her friends are still extremely worried about her. After being served with AVO by Tori to keep her away from Grace, the grieving widow has done a runner from Summer Bay. While Justin is happy she’s gone, the nurse’s flatmate and mother figure, Irene has given the mechanic a piece of her mind for his comments. However, relief has been granted when Wendy Shaw, the mother of Robbo called to inform her that her daughter-in-law was on the family farm. However, that makes us wonder. Will a great white lie be told to get the unstable woman what she wants?

No Lie Too Great For Jasmine

great white lie
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As time has ticked on, Jasmine has tried and failed to call attention to Tori’s ‘bad parenting’ given her busy life as a doctor. She’s even attempted to get a whole parenting forum on her side by creating lies to fit her own fantasy of being Grace’s mother. Basically, it was one big great white lie to crave our her own false reality. However, the only people she has not bought into this disaster are her in-laws, Ian and Wendy.

It’s no secret that Robbo’s parents adore their daughter-in-law and their granddaughter. So, what are the chances Jasmine spins a tale where she gets them on side? Since she herself has no legal right to her stepdaughter, perhaps she can create a great white lie big enough that they file for custody of Grace.

We know Jasmine currently isn’t talking, despite being at the farm. Irene didn’t even bring up the AVO to Wendy in case the it got back to the nurse and scared her off. Wendy don’t want to hear a bad word against her when and if she does tell her what’s going on.

Great White Lie

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So, let’s review every single great white lie Jasmine has told since she started to obsess over Grace.

Tori Wanted Grace ‘Away’ From Tane

When Tane Parata showed up in the Bay, he slept on Marilyn and John’s couch for one night before he left the next morning. Upon hearing this, Jasmine goes to Maz, who is babysitting Grace for the day and lies saying that Tori wants her to take her daughter of the rest of the day.

Marilyn willingly hands the baby over to the nurse without a second thought. This, of course, is not her fault. Jasmine’s plan here was to spend time with the infant while also ‘protecting’ her from a ‘total’ stranger.

When news gets back to Tori, she is frantic and reveals to her friends that she did NOT tell Jasmine to take Grace. Her colleague tells her that as Robbo’s wife, it is her ‘job’ to honour his memory by doing what he would do.

We need to point out that yes, he would protect his daughter, but he would also trust Marilyn. If Maz thought Tane was a danger, she wouldn’t have agreed to take Grace. Tori trusted her and knew the ‘stranger’ wasn’t a threat as he had already left by the time the baby arrived at the house.

The Parenting Forum

Jasmine signs up to a parenting forum, claiming she did it on Tori’s behalf. However, she did it for herself. She started out posting questions for things such as teething, but as her obsession grew, she began sprouting lies and make it look like she was Grace’s mum. Jas has posted photos of herself with the bub.

The lies get to the point where her followers are eating out of the palm of her hand. Everything thing she feeds them, they buy it. They even offer advice when she asks. When she says a ‘friend’ left their child in the car, someone tells her to keep a log of everything that has been happened.

It’s here that Jasmine twists the truth again and creates a whole new thread of lies. Willow is horrified when she finds the forum and confronts her bestie about it. She is given a plateful of fibs which only makes the situation worse. Even Colby realises how bad it is when he is shown the posts.

Later, Tori and Justin are pulled up to the speed and and are flabbergasted by what Jasmine has been saying and posing as Grace’s mum.

The ‘Keepsakes’

Okay, well this next thing isn’t really a great white lie, but it’s still deception. Under Tori’s nose, Jasmine steals small things like toys and pieces of clothing to keep Grace ‘close’ to her. It sends the mum-of-one into a head spin because she thinks she’s going mad.

This little secret is exposed after Jasmine runs into the diner and begins pulling things out of her bag in front of Irene and Marilyn. They question her as to why she has Grace’s things.

The Mums And Bubs Yoga Class Promotion Material

As the new owner of the gym, Jasmine can do what she wants and she rallies Willow in creating a mums and bubs yoga class. She begins to take photos of herself and Grace and uses them as promotional material. However, she told Tori she was going to be in the photos with her daughter.

When the photos are released to the social media, Tori is shocked to find Jasmine is the one in the photos. When confronted, Jas says it’s not a big deal and refuses to take the pictures down.

The Bigger Picture

Wendy and Ian would be idiots to listen to Jasmine’s lies. They need both sides of the story before they make any rash decisions. If they cared about their granddaughter at all, they would think about what their son would say if they took Grace away from Tori.

Jasmine is just making the situation about the future she could’ve had with Robbo had he lived. Though, the one thing we still don’t understand is that she never wanted kids and now she suddenly does? Just because she adores Grace, doesn’t mean she is suited to be a mother. Babies don’t stay little forever.

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