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Chronicles Of Harkle: Why Meghan Should Be More Grateful To Her In-Laws

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When you’re a royal partner not born within the confines of The Firm as Prince Philip coined so many years ago, you learn to be grateful for what you have. Sadly, Meghan Markle doesn’t understand what this means. Instead, she is using hostility and blackmail to make the royal family fear what she and Harry could reveal. I’m honestly so sick of having to write about these two but people deserve the truth. That is what true journalism is about. Hear THAT, Harkles?! Truth. Oh, wait… you wouldn’t know it even if it were staring you in the face!

Royal life is not for everyone. Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas loved Harry but didn’t want to be in the constant spotlight. Fair enough. Then, along comes Meghan Markle, an actress who thinks she can win an Oscar. I know that sounds harsh, but if she was struggling with the so-called ‘media scrutiny’, why didn’t she just leave? Why couldn’t she just be grateful for what she was given?

Meghan doesn’t know what it means to be grateful. She expected to be treated like a princess when she married Prince Harry. Clearly, she had been watching too many Disney movies where the commoner weds a royal and is instantly pampered. She didn’t think she’d have to work and have to shake hands with people who ‘are below her pay grade’. Her friends (the cast of Suits among others) can talk to the press but their girl isn’t who they believe.

To be grateful means to understand and accept what you’ve been given and sadly, Meghan will never get the concept. Princess Anne was right.

Meghan Got So Much More Than Catherine Did

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Meghan was given so much more than Catherine ever was. The Duchess of Cambridge had to earn the things her sister-in-law got straight away. When Markle went on her first and only solo engagement with her grandmother-in-law, it was 2018, the same year she married The Queen’s grandson, Prince Harry.

Middleton, however, had been married to Prince William about 7/8 years before she got to do her first solo engagement with Her Majesty which was in 2019, according to Glamour. At least Catherine was grateful for the opportunity. Meghan, meanwhile, would’ve allowed the trip to go to her head. Without a doubt, she would’ve thought, “Oh, I’m better than my sister-in-law. The Queen likes me better than her.” If this was a critique of her innermost thoughts, I’d be giving her an A+ in diva beliefs.

Another example of Meghan getting more than Catherine did is her first meeting with The Queen. The Duchess of Cambridge had to wait YEARS for that first chat with Her Majesty. Markle got one pretty quickly into her courtship with Harry.

The difference between William and Harry is what sets their wives apart. The eldest of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ sons will one day be king and had to pick his bride carefully to ensure she could stand the pressure. However, the youngest acted impulsively and married the first girl he went on a date with after he was dumped by his exes. He didn’t bother getting to know Meghan. All he wanted was a good time and I don’t need to spell out what that means.

If the rumours are true and the reason Meghan got things so quick because the palace wanted to keep her happy, then it goes to show she isn’t grateful for any opportunity given to her.

Grateful Means Not Being Jealous Over Being ‘Second Fiddle’

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Meghan’s unwillingness to be grateful to her in-laws stems back to her not being allowed to do what she wants. That is why she is accusing them of being racist and not giving her son a title. Umm… Archie was eligible for a title; Earl of Dumbarton which was not the one she wanted. She wanted her children to be up to par with the Cambridge kids, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte despite knowing her husband will never be in line for throne.

She mentioned in the Oprah whine-fest that she was well-aware of the convention set in place by King George V. However, she claims the reason why her son wasn’t given the title of prince or security had to do with his mixed-race heritage. If she had cared to not get so offended over everything that is potentially race related and to actually listen to what was said, she would know that every member of the family is treated the same, regardless of ethnicity.

The reason Meghan is not grateful for anything the royal family have given her is because she is jealous of Catherine. Yes, I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying it. How could she not realise that Harry is further down the pecking order than his brother? That means that his wife (Catherine) is also higher up, more experienced, respected and beloved.

People respect and adore Catherine because she is down to earth. She doesn’t bully staff and doesn’t lose people every six months. If Meghan were grateful for everything her in-laws had given her, she would understand her place within the royal family. She will never be consort.

Sophie, Countess Of Wessex Said The Family Tried To Help Meghan Fit In

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Everything that comes out of Meghan’s mouth needs to fact-checked. She claims the family did not support her, but Sophie, Countess of Wessex has said otherwise. In an article by Vogue Australia, the wife of The Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward said she had five years to adjust to being a royal a six month engagement to her now-husband. She also said that the whole family did their best to help the Duchess of Sussex adapt.

Sophie also wouldn’t lie about something like this. As they say, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped and I’m saying this in regards to Meghan. Yes, the Wessexes have gotten themselves into minor controversies years ago but nothing Earth shattering like the Sussexes trying to bring the monarchy to its knees. The Countess is believed to be close with her mother-in-law, The Queen and is considered one of the hardest working royals. If something wasn’t true, she would not have said anything.

If Catherine was given the same help Sophie was then there is no doubt that Meghan was given the same treatment. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Countess of Wessex received the same media coverage Markle was where they were called horrible things. It’s the only way the tabloids can sell magazines.

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