Prince William Is Believed To Be Upset Over His Brother’s Slight Towards Their Grandmother The Queen’s Statement


Once upon a time, Prince Harry got along with really well with his grandmother who happens to be The Queen. However, his brother, William is believed to be upset over the slight his sibling and sister-in-law Meghan have made in their official Megxit statement…

Her Majesty The Queen is not your average grandmother. She has to act as not just the head of her family but as the monarch of the Commonwealth. Though, in recent days her second youngest grandson, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex has been pushing the public’s buttons even more than usual and it is upsetting his brother, Prince William.

According to an article by People Magazine, The Duke of Cambridge is upset that his brother and Meghan chose to ‘push back’ against the the statement released by their grandmother via the Palace. Apparently, William is ‘really sad and genuinely shocked’ by Harry’s behaviour.

Now, we just want to say this. William has every right to be upset with Harry. Since Meghan has been on the scene, the once close brothers have been feuding with the youngest of the two refusing to follow the rules of the Firm.

William will be king someday while Harry’ll be nothing more than ‘dead weight’. There has been talk for a while that the Queen and Prince Charles want to slim down the monarchy with those who actually matter. There was a photo released late last year showing the eight individuals who will shape the Firm going forward.

[Credit: Vanity Fair]

The eight people who are actually important to the monarchy include, Her Majesty, Prince Charles and Camilla, Princess Anne, Prince William and Catherine and Prince Edward and Sophie. Note there is NO Harry and Meghan. When this photo was taken, they were in America. It must have pissed the Duke of Sussex off that he and his wife weren’t there.

Harry Clearly No Respect For His Grandmother

Queen; changed; grandmother
[Credit: The New York Times]

Remember that video pre-Meghan where Harry and his grandmother sat on a couch together watching a video from then-US President Barack Obama? Well, the playful atmosphere between the pair is officially gone.

Harry is now throwing barbs at his grandmother for putting him and Meghan on the back burner. Before he married his wife, he didn’t care about where he sat in the royal pecking order. He has no respect for the woman who helped to raise him after the death of his mother.

This is clearly something William is really worried about. It’s clear that Meghan is the one who is pushing Harry to throw tantrums and act like a spoilt brat. Before her, he got himself into trouble but he wouldn’t have insulted the Queen like this.

Frankly, it’s disgusting and he needs to be pulled by the ear into submission. William has looked after his brother all their lives and the poor behaviour regarding the ‘Public service is universal’ comment is just low!

The Queen has served her nation and the Commonwealth all of her life. She knows more about public service than Harry and Meghan ever will. If they cared at all, they would be in the UK doing actual work. Not making deals with media companies.


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