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Babes Against Bullshit: Not-So-Grandfather Of The Year – Why Is Thomas Markle So Desperate To Meet Archie When He Has Five Other Grandchildren He Barely Knows?

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Riddle me this. What kind of person demands to see their youngest grandchild when they barely know their other grandchildren? Thomas Markle Senior is who. It has never been a secret that the former lighting director favoured youngest daughter, Meghan over his other two children, Samantha and Thomas Junior. He is also grandfather of six grandchildren.

Just after the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor in May 2019, the Daily Mail reported that Thomas Markle wasn’t exactly grandfather of the year. In fact, they claimed at the time that barely knew any of his other five grandchildren. He had never met his two eldest grandchildren, Ashleigh and Chris Hale who are the older children of Samantha who now both in this early-mid thirties.

Thomas Junior has two sons with his ex-wife Tracy Dooley, Thomas III and Tyler who both use their mother’s last name.

Finally, we come to the youngest of Thomas Snr’s grandchildren, Noel, Samantha’s youngest daughter.

Of the three younger ones, Thomas has had conversations with them but has had very little to do with any of them.

So, what does this have to do with Archie when he’s never even met his maternal grandfather? It has everything to do with him. Thomas demands to see him when he’s barely seen his other grandkids. He adored Meghan as she was growing up. She was his little princess and this ultimately pissed off his older kids which has left them bitter.

The Markle Pattern

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Outside of being the grandfather of six grandchildren he doesn’t have anything to do with, Thomas is just the beginning of a pattern that has emerged.

Roslyn, Doria, and the grandkids are exempt from this pattern. This has to do with Thomas Snr and his three children. They each have a manipulative streak to get what they want or they have a tendency of getting into trouble of some kind.

For example, Meghan is suing the newspapers in England for publishing a letter she wrote to her father and violated ‘her copyright’. However, she has created a big deal of publications writing ‘negative’ things about her and than suing them.

Thomas Jr is outspoken about his younger sister. He even sent a letter to Prince Harry telling him not to marry Meghan. It is unclear whether the royal actually read the letter.

Samantha ‘suggested’ or in order words, convinced Thomas to contact the paparazzi to make it look like he was getting ready for Meghan’s wedding for monetary gain. She also used the situation to make it known that she hates her sister. Who cares, really?

Thomas will do anything to get back into Meghan’s good graces, but he doesn’t think about how she would feel about him going to the press about her. What makes this really frustrating is while he claims to love his daughter, he listens to Samantha. He doesn’t hear a word his ‘little princess’ says when she tells him not to do something.

Finally, we reach Meghan, The Duchess of Woke herself. She gets upset every time she is told ‘no’. She cries to Harry and it is just a repeat pattern. She’s self-righteous and thinks she is god’s gift to the world.

How Could This Whole Disaster Could Be Fixed?

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So, how could this whole situation between Meghan and her father end? They need to get their heads out of their asses. If Meghan were smart, she would put aside her issues with her dad and allow him to at least see his grandson once.

As for Thomas, if he wanted to be a good grandfather he would get to know his other grandkids first before ordering Meghan to allow him to see Archie. To make it even easier, it would be simpler if he didn’t listen to his eldest daughter given how she feelings about her baby sister.

Meghan should listen to what her dad wants to say to her. She doesn’t need to agree with his views. However, if she was as close to him as she once claimed, she would at least consider a way of how to fix the relationship.

Unfortunately, she has ditched him just as she did her first husband and all her old friends in favor of being rich and famous.

My Thoughts

Quite honestly, I do not care about the Markles… well, most of them. I’m leaving Doria, Roslyn, and her grandkids out of this. They’re – as in Meghan, Thomas, Samantha, and Thomas Jr – a lowly bunch who only use each other and other people. If anyone who has a link to them had half a brain, they would speak out and expose them for the hypocrites they are.

Thomas does not have a right to Archie and he was never a good grandfather to begin with. He should have gotten to know his other grandchildren before he started going to the press with his demands. It’s no wonder that Meghan loves a good lawsuit. She got it from her father.

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