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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Becomes The Bigger Person, Carter Realises Zoe Is A Massive Golddigger, and Brooke Lays Into Steffy


Carter is in a world hurt now that he knows Zoe is a golddigger. Meanwhile, Thomas becomes the bigger person and Steffy listens to Brooke rant…

We can just hear the song ‘Golddigger’ now! Carter calls fiancée Zoe out on wanting to be a Forrester. Meanwhile, Thomas becomes the bigger person and says he wants to support the Spencers and Brooke has a go at Steffy for her choice to sleep with Liam.

There’s a lot to go over so please bear with us. We’re just really happy a lot of this stuff has gone down. If it had just dragged on then we’d be ranting on Twitter about it and we’re not so we’re just glad some of this insanity is over and done with.

Now, we’ve chosen not to include the Zende/Paris conversation because it’s basically circling back to what Ridge has said in earlier episodes. Without delay, here we go!

She’s a Golddigger!

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Never in a million years did we think that Carter would call Zoe out on being a golddigger. A recap article by was right on the money and we mean that literally. While he doesn’t say the term outright, he implies it and she, of course, denies it. She does everything to defuse the situation but it’s too late. The engagement is over. Oh and look of shock on her face is priceless. There’s also boring stuff with Zende and Paris that we won’t go into.

Zoe can plead all she wants, but Carter says it’s over and we believe him! She needs to stop crying and just accept it. It’s clear that she never wanted the COO. She only wanted to be with him because of his big promotion. As he says he is Forrester-adjacent. She wanted the real thing and he claims he should have seen it when she walked down the aisle to Thomas.

We love to say this about Zoe and we’re not afraid to say it. She’s a problematic waffler. She feels she deserves the high life and she was willing to use a gentle man to get what she wants.

Before we continue, yes we are aware it is a televisions show. There are people who are more obsessed with The Bold and the Beautiful than we are. We have better things to cover. Anyway, we hate seeing Carter so upset. He realised also that Ridge wouldn’t lie to him about anything. It’s great that this was wrapped up so quickly.

Thomas The Bigger Person

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Next up, we have Thomas, the original target of golddigger Zoe’s affections. Okay, this isn’t about that colossal situation. Couldn’t resist. Anyway, the Forrester heir strikes again. Except this time, it’s for all the right reasons.

We see Thomas visit Hope and Liam at the cabin where they’ve been talking about Steffy’s paternity test. He tells them that he’s there to support them. This doesn’t really surprise us given how much more chill he’s been since his brain operation.

He is surprised that Steffy has gotten the test so soon. What really shocked us was his comment to Liam that while he would love to take a swipe at him, he won’t. His only concern is the baby that is growing inside his sister.

Later in the main Logan house, Vinny visits and offers him drugs. Thomas refuses, especially after what he saw Steffy go through with her addiction. Again, this was really nice to see. However, there is one thing that we’re a little concerned about.

When Thomas informs Vinny about Steffy being pregnant and the paternity drama, his friend mentions if the baby is Liam’s, it might be the chance he [Thomas] needs to win over Hope. Ahh… We hope to god that this isn’t the case. We’re deadset against this and so are a LOT of other people.

Thomas has been doing really well since he got out of hospital. Why revert him back now? If this does happen, then the writers will not have learned anything nor would they have listened to their fans.

Look Out Steffy Because Brooke Isn’t Happy!

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Finally, we have Brooke’s visit to Steffy that is explosive within itself. We left this one last because’s not really relevant because what does on here, has nothing to do with the overrall narrative. It’s just the writers looking for a way to insert the Forrester matriarch into the story.

Brooke tells Steffy she knows about her one night stand with Liam and criticises her for not defusing the situation. Her stepdaughter makes the excuse that she was there to support her ex-husband as a friend. Nope. Not believed.

We’ve said before that Steffy knows deep down that her unborn child is Liam’s. She just doesn’t want to admit it out loud. Hope has said the same thing and Brooke is just voicing her opinion.

What made the whole situation tedious in the end was the barb that was thrown at Brooke by Steffy about her own bed-hopping past. What gives her the right to bring that up? She’s no better! It’s evident that she was looking for any excuse to get Liam back into her bed. She can call it a ‘misunderstanding’ all she wants but it couldn’t be further from the truth that she’s a saint. She’s really not.

Does anyone remember what she tried to do to Hope when it was discovered that Phoebe was really Beth? She tried to keep her despite knowing that she couldn’t, saying that Hope could be ‘kind of a mother to her’. This ended up in her stepsister biting back and saying she is not her surrogate.

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