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Going Behind-The-Scenes: Where Was The Secrets She Keeps Filmed?


What locations were used during production of The Secrets She Keeps? We thought we would answer this question as the last of our coverage for the television series.

Most television shows are a mix of location and studio filming. You might’ve heard of your favourite sitcoms or soap operas doing a combination of the two. With The Secrets She Keeps, there were a number of locations used in the series and we thought we’d cover where some of the most memorable scenes were shot.

Please bear in mind that we were not involved in the production of this series. Therefore, we do not have a full list of locations at our disposal.

Locations, Locations!

Much of The Secrets She Keeps was filmed in Blue Mountains which was handy given how the story moves from Agatha’s flat in the western suburbs of Sydney to Meghan’s life in the Northern suburbs of the city.

The hospital scenes were shot at Auburn hospital.

Agatha’s makeshift graveyard was shot at Tunks Park while Katoomba was used for the train station scenes where Aggie gets off to ‘visit’ her mother and ‘give birth’ to her baby.

A small independent supermarket was also used instead of a big chain store like Coles, Aldi, or Woolworths.

Limited Information

There’s not a lot of information on where the series was shot. We’ve had to scrape together details from the few sources that have provided online. Please note that we were not part of production and we’re just going off what we could find.

Moreover, our sources only provided a small amount of Intel as their own posts were interviews. Furthermore and in conclusion, we hope this article puts to rest the questions you might have.

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