Harry And Meghan Were Given The Chance To Live A Normal Life But Took The More Glamourous Path


It’s been known for a while that Her Majesty The Queen offered Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a normal life away from the spotlight, but they chose the more glamourous route…

Meghan Markle might’ve snagged herself a prince, but she also wanted the glamourous lifestyle that it involved. Her Majesty, The Queen and Harry’s grandmother gave the couple two offers. The first was to grant them the titles of senior working royals. However, they were even told they also had the option to not have the titles and pageantry. They ultimately chose the high life.

Now, we doubt Harry had much say in this, despite it being his grandmother’s offer. In order to keep his bride happy, he agreed to her demand of having the title and the expensive, televised wedding. If they wanted a normal life, they should said so in the beginning.

Since the wedding, they have done nothing but complained about how ‘unfair’ their life together is. They spoke out against their not ‘thriving’ in an African country where the people have virtually nothing. They’ve been saying things that imply the royal family didn’t help them. Harry even had the nerve to accuse his brother of being on a different path to him. Ahh… no shit!

Prince William was always going to be king. Harry was only ever the spare. As horrible as that might be to say, that’s what he is. That’s what little Charlotte and Louis are too. So are Princess Anne and Princes Andrew and Edward. You don’t see them complaining about their statuses.

What Would The ‘Normal’ Life Have Entailed If Harry And Meghan Had Taken The Offer?

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In an article by 9Honey a year ago, there was a source who alleged that Prince Harry and Meghan were given the option to not have titles upon their marriage. They declined it for the more glamourous one and we all know how that turned out.

Despite Harry saying not to blame his wife for their departure from being senior royals, this just him protecting her, not that she needs it. Meghan is responsible for pulling the prince away from his family. He has come estranged from basically all of his close family. He even allowed her to drag him back to her own country without so much of a choice.

Sure, Meghan gave up her career and life in the US for Harry, but she did it on her own free will. She wanted to get as close to the crown as she could. If the rumours are true and she tried to get William away from Catherine, then she’s an even bigger social climber than we thought she was.

In Meghan’s mind, she thought she married Harry, she would be peppered in love and admiration like her idol, Princess Diana. However, she didn’t understand that no one would ever be able to fill her late mother-in-law’s shoes.

Harry, however, was so blinded by his love for her that he basically said that if she wanted to be as great as his mother, she could be. No one could stop her without her threatening to throw a tantrum. How could Harry deal with that?

Meghan could have still acted and gone about her life as it had been prior to her second marriage. No, she wanted the title and the money that being a royal entailed. However, it was not what she thought it was going to be like.

If Harry Wanted Out, He Should Have Left The Royal Family Long Before Meghan

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Harry doesn’t know how to tell Meghan ‘no’. He is now dissing his own family on the orders of his wife who is still pissed that they didn’t bend to her will.

If he wanted out of his own family and not wanting the glamourous lifestyle, he should’ve gotten out years before Meghan showed up and derailed his beliefs. He has even said that the happiest time in his life was when he was in the army and no one treated him like a royal.

His relationship with his father and brother would still be intact. The animosity between them exists because of Meghan and her eagerness to get what she wanted. However, he chose to stay within the folds of the royal family because of his loyalties to his grandmother and his country.

Now, Harry’s only loyalty is to Meghan and he will lash out at any person who speaks foul of her. She’ll act like she’s being attacked when she isn’t. That’s the way she operates.

Will The Queen Strip The Sussexes Of Their Titles?

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We can just imagine the not-so-glamourous look on Meghan’s face when The Queen removes her and Harry’s titles and hands them over to someone more deserving. She will like run into her husband’s arms and weep that it’s unfair she – sorry, they – no longer have titles.

It has been reported that The Queen has been asked for an extension on the Megxit deal, according to For those of you not in the loop, this is just the couple’s way of saying ‘we can’t operate our growing media empire without our titles.’ That sounds about right and here’s why.

It takes forever for celebrities to create brands people come to respect and trust. Look at the issues Jaclyn Hill had with her lipstick range as one example. Her previous products were fine until that one and then her brand name just went down the drain.

In regards to Harry and Meghan, the reason why they’re building their so-called ‘kindness’ brand so quickly is because they have titles. So many media corporations would kill to work with real life royals. If they weren’t the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Netflix and Spotify would be like, ‘yeah, you’re not famous enough. Thanks, but not thanks.’

That brings us back to The Queen and the stripping of the titles? Should it happen? Yes, it should because it would mean if they want to earn people’s respect back, they need to work hard just like everyone else. Though, Meghan doesn’t care about doing the 9-to-5 workload. She just wants to live in luxury and give the middle finger to the royals.

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