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#GiveBackSaveMac: #SaveMacGyver Campaign Continues To Press Forward With A Virtual Blood Drive


The #SaveMacGyver campaign continues to fight for a proper final season with a new sub-mission, #GiveBackSaveMac…

We seriously love the #SaveMacGyver campaign and the fandom as a whole! Everybody who has welcomed us has been so lovely. So, we were contacted a while ago by the lovely Jamie who bought the cause to our attention, and of course, we had to get involved. We understand what it feels like to lose a show to cancellation long before its time. The cause has also uncovered something utterly disturbing about CBS that involved shows that were axed being subjected to bullying allegations from certain members of the crews. We’ve covered all but we want to bring the campaign back into the spotlight with a new sub-mission; #GiveBackSaveMac.

#GiveBackSaveMac is a special mission in honour of Angus “Mac” MacGyver’s commitment to saving lives during the series’ run. #SaveMacGyver is holding a blood drive with the goal of a total of 50 blood donations during July. We want to give a massive shoutout to Jenn and Haley who have both emailed us about the cause.

Mac is all about saving people and giving back is something that the world can aspire to. Here’s what Jenn told us in her email:

In the United States, SaveMacGyver has partnered with Vitalant in 43 of 50 US states to host a virtual blood drive. People use our group code, MAC2, and either can call or follow the link on our website to make the appointment for any time in July. Then they have to give the group code again at the time of donation to be counted in our virtual blood drive.

Jenn Bauer – #SaveMacGyver campaign

The Group Code And How International Fans Can Help Out

For anyone hoping to get involved, be sure to use the code MAC2 when you register to donate. For more information, go to the link above or use the link here.

Don’t worry, international fans, our US friends have not left you out. The link we’ve shared above also has links to other blood donation centres around the world, including Australia’s Red Cross.

Be sure to spread the word on social media and be sure to use the #SaveMacGyver and #GiveBackSaveMac hashtags when you do.

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