Gigi Hadid No Longer A Juror In Harvey Weinstein Trial


Supermodel Gigi Hadid is no longer jury member in the Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Trial.

Model Gigi Hadid isn’t joining the jury that may put Harvey Weinstein behind bars. The reason? She is allegedly a friend of fellow model Cara Delevingne who is a victim of the disgraced film producer.

Hadid, 24 had told the court she’d met the former producer, 67, and she could remain impartial. According to Whimn, Weinstein’s defence team argues she and another 61 potential jurors will be unbiased.

Weinstein’s team cite that Hadid is friends with model Cara Delevingne, an alleged victim of the media mogul.

The lead prosecutor disagrees:

I don’t think the defence could possibly say that a person who has been sexually assaulted or who knows someone who has been sexually assaulted is no longer qualified to sit on the case. That is not the law.

Harvey Weinstein is on trial for a string of sex related crimes including: predatory sexual assault, rape, and criminal sex act. He could potentially spend much of his remaining life behind bars if the jury finds him guilty. This is super good for his victims.

A chosen jury for the case includes seven men and five women. There is a second jury selection and there are six alternates. Weinstein’s trial begins next week on Wednesday. We’ll post any updates when we have them. When the trial ends, we will also post what the outcome is and give you some context as to what that means for Weinstein and his victims.

If you’re struggling as a victim of sexual assault, please contact a health professional in your home country

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