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#BlackLivesMatter: Why The Aftermath Of George Floyd’s Death Shows What Type Of President Donald Trump Is And America Is Going Backwards


We hate writing about Donald Trump, but given the death of George Floyd and how the POTUS is telling the American people to fight back with even more violence, we had to talk about it.

America is in turmoil. It has been known for some time but now, the focus has turned away from COVID-19 and to the preventable death of unarmed black man George Floyd who was accused of trying to buy cigarettes with a fake $20 bill. He was arrested and a white police officer held him down on the ground with his knee pressed against his neck.

Floyd, who was unarmed and in handcuffs, said he couldn’t breath. Within minutes, he was unresponsive. Video footage revealed that there were other police officers involved and they were all fired with one of them being charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Riots have since broken out across the United States and the god-awful president, Donald Trump has been making the situation worse, but saying people need to fight back with more violence. That’s what we’re going to be talking about.

Trump: The Racist Man Child

Donald Trump; Floyd
[Credit: Deadline]

Trump has proved multiple times that he has zero idea of how to be president. Everything that Barrack Obama did he has undone and has basically screwed the country over. He has run America into the ground and what makes it even worse is that he’s a racist with a god complex.

It’s no secret that he doesn’t like it when people say he’s wrong. Remember when all those staffers were fired? That’s not what’s important here. George Floyd was a father of two daughters and he was taken from them in the most tragic way. He was murdered by a person who was supposed to be protecting him.

Trump simply couldn’t care less. All he wants is to be voted back into office when the election happens in November. Do Americans really want this colossal man child as their president for the next four years? If they don’t, they need to take a leave out of Taylor Swift’s Tweet:

[Credit: Taylor Swift on Twitter @taylorswift13]

What’s more is Trump is basically insinuating that the lives of all black people don’t matter and that white supremacy will rule all. What a FUCKING ass wipe! The man is a racist with zero morals. He doesn’t show compassion for anything that he doesn’t approve of.

Black Lives Matter Just As Much As Those Of White Lives

[Credit: Jobs With Justice]

George Floyd was a hardworking American who had just lost his job because of COVID-19. Now, he is dead because of white supremacy that is the American Justice system. Trump is not making it any better. He has lead his devoted followers to believe that racism is okay when it so clearly isn’t.

What makes the racists of not just America but the world hate black people? They are just normal individuals with a different skin colour. That’s it. It’s like asking people why they’re homophobic. The LGBT Community are just normal people who happen like the same gender or they were born with the wrong gender.

Black people of the world should have the same rights as their white brothers and sisters. America is going backwards and if they aren’t careful, they’ll end up returning to segregation. This is not what the people want. They want the white supremacist law enforcement officers and the government to realise that they have the same rights as they [white people] do.

Change Needs To Happen NOW!

[Credit: The Indian Express]

What has rioting and looting ever achieved? It only causes more anger and violence and this is what Donald Trump wants: more anarchy and then people will see him as good enough to be their president for a second term. No. What is NOT what a large amount of Americans want. They know what a lousy job he has been doing. He’s too wrapped up in his vision for his beloved country that he doesn’t want to see the larger picture that is staring him in the face.

If people really want change, they need to vote the bozo out of office when November comes around. They need to elect someone who isn’t a racist and genuinely wants change.

As an Australian looking into the situation from the outside, my heart goes out to the family of George Floyd and everyone caught up in this terrible tragedy. My hand is the air for justice, but I do not approve of the violence. What has it ever achieved other than retaliation? #BlackLivesMatter

What Do We Think About Trump’s Response?

[Credit: Deadline]

We’re disgusted at the way Trump has basically gone into hiding. This is not something we’re making up. The idiot America calls their president has had to use the White House bunker. Honestly, the man isn’t worth saving if people were to break into the place which is heavily fortified. He’s arrogant, racist and only cares about his image. Like what the actual fuck?

Obama would never have sat on the sidelines while chaos rains down on the country he serves. Trump is a coward who is hellbent on destroying it. He is NOT a politician and he never was. His favourite hobby appears to be berating governors who aren’t what he wants them to do which includes arresting people. He has also called them idiots. They’re trying do the right thing and all he’s doing is firing off tweets like they’re going to solve the problem!

We hope America votes the buffoon out in November!

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