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Gayle King Makes A Sexist Gaffe Towards Princess Anne

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Gayle King does not think before she opens her mouth! She made a sexist gaffe towards Princess Anne and the role she played in Prince Philip’s funeral…

Any sane person – Sussex supporter or not – would have known the reason why Anne, Princess Royal was involved in her father, Prince Philip’s funeral procession. However, Gayle King had to jump in and make a sexist gaffe about the role while covering the sad event over the weekend, according to 9Honey.

The American journalist who is a Sussex mouthpiece and friend of Oprah questioned why Princess Anne was in the procession while being surrounded by her male relatives. One of these included her son, Peter Phillips. King said the move to have the Duke of Edinburgh’s only daughter walk with her brothers, nephews, and son ‘broke’ tradition as she was the sole woman.

Viewers were understandably pissed with the sexist gaffe with many saying it shouldn’t have even been a question. Princess Anne was Prince Philip and The Queen’s only daughter. Note that very important word. ONLY. She has three brothers, one older, two younger. Now, she has every right to walk with them and shouldn’t be discriminated against because of her gender.

That’s the one thing a lot of Americans who are only interested in Meghan and not the royals don’t appear to grasp. There is a reason for everything they do as there are rules. If the monarch or their spouse dies, then ALL their children are allow to walk behind the coffin. The reason no women walked in Princess Diana’s funeral procession was because it was reserved for the men. This meant her sons, her ex-husband, ex-father-in-law and her brother. If her sisters were allowed to walk, they would have. It was also to support a grieving William and Harry.

What Gives Gayle A Right To Question Something She Has No Involvement Or Interest In?

The whole world knows why Gayle King is even talking anything royal. She is a Sussex super fan and will jump in to defend Meghan and Harry whenever she deems fit. Had Markle not even married into the royal family, she would not have cared either way. The only reason she does is because of her undying loyalty to the former actress whom she appears to admire as much as Oprah does.

She buys into the lies and the belief that the royal family is racist. If you presented her with a truckload of evidence, she would say it’s fake, bias and contains ‘racist undertones’.

9Honey points out that Prince Philip’s funeral procession is not the first time Princess Anne has walked behind a coffin. She did the same thing when her grandmother, The Queen Mother died in 2002. Anne walked between her father and youngest brother, Edward while Princes Charles and Andrew were on the other side of their dad.

The Connection

According to the aforementioned 9Honey article, viewers of the CBS broadcast of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral pointed out that King has a tie of Prince Harry. After all, it was Gayle’s best friend who interviewed him and his wife.

Gayle is using her connection to the Sussexes to air the ‘dirty laundry’ of the royal family which includes making a sexist gaffe. Finally, let’s not forget that she was the one who said talks between Harry, his brother and father were ‘unproductive’. No one cares if the phone call was successful or not!

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