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The Outrage That Is Gayle King’s Comments Regarding Prince Philip’s Passing

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Gayle King has made headlines… again… regarding the royal family…

She might be Oprah’s best friend, but Gayle King has turned into nothing more than one of Prince Harry and Meghan’s flying monkeys! In the wake of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, the once respected American journalist has made an on-air gaffe, questioning how the Queen’s husband died.

Gayle King made the following comment, according to the Express:

Have you heard anything about exactly what happened? Was it just natural causes?

Gayle King questions how HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh died

What kind of journalist questions how a reigning monarch’s spouse passed away on live television? Prince Philip was 99-years-old for god’s sake! It is not only disrespectful to the deceased’s family and those who knew him, but to those who admired him.

Gayle King is so anti-royal family and so pro-Sussex, that she will question everything to do with them from here on out. After all, she did air the contents of the alleged phone call Harry made to his father and brother on live television. What sane professional does that? Meghan is using her to show she is this perfect saint who is not capable of wrongdoing.

After her stunt here, Gayle King is going to lose all credibility as a journalist with those royal followers who admired her. She has no respect. Her BFF quite literally interviewed Prince Philip’s grandson like a month ago and does she [Gayle King] not consider how he probably feels right now? She does realise that Prince Harry now living America he will has ties to the royal family, doesn’t she? He will never escape the fold, no matter how hard he tries.

Finally, doesn’t Ms King realise that Prince Philip meant a lot to millions of people?

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