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Chronicles Of Harkle: Meghan And Harry Spoke With Gavin Newsom About US Election – Big No No!


Wow, I’m on a role this morning with my Chronicles of Harkle posts. Anyway, I was scrolling through my phone earlier and I found something that didn’t really surprise me since it’s you know, Harry and Meghan. A report has come out from The Sun alleging that the Sussexes held a so-called ‘secret’ meeting with California governor, Gavin Newsom. Now, for those who don’t know, they were not meant to get involved in politics given they are still members of the British Royal family, working or not.

There’s a load people who will probably read this and go, ‘Why does that matter when they’re no longer working for Her Majesty?’ The royals have always be apolitical, meaning they remain neutral on their views. It was also a part of the Megxit deal. Did Meghan care about that? No. What really takes the care here is now it has not been said as to what was said during this meeting that took roughly an hour it is alleged in The Sun’s article.

I wanted to point something else out as well. This would NOT have been Harry’s doing. He has never had a political agenda. This has changed since Meghan came into his life and upended it to fit her own goals. It has also been reported that Gavin Newsom was under pressure to replace Kamala Harris, who would go on to become the first black vice-president with another black woman.

Meghan The Politician?

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Could Meghan have wanted the seat? First off, I don’t think so. Sure, Meghan has political views, but I doubt this is what the visit was for. If she knew politics at all and how they’re run in America, she would be aware that you can’t just jump into a highly regarded politicians seat and know what to do. Doesn’t work that why. You need to work your way to the top.

Donald Trump just thought he would run for office for the sake of it and surprisingly, he won. Going back to the Gavin Newsom situation, do I think Meghan wanted to be an instant senator? No. Could the conversation have been about her playing a role in the politics in California? All I can say is probably. There has been speculation for a while that she wants to be run for the presidency. Nothing is off the cards when it comes to the former actress.

If Meghan does announce her bid to become president, I don’t think she’s going to get very far. You have to have funding and no foreign titles. This also includes support so a loyal fanbase. Donald Trump’s was huge because of his business ventures and his role on television. Since she LOVES her titles oh-so-much, she won’t want to give them up. Also, she forgets that she is only the Duchess of Sussex because she is Harry’s wife. She does not own them and has no titles of her own. You cannot be a royal in a foreign country and expect to keep the titles you were gifted.

Harry would also have to be stripped of his ‘prince’ title as well which he has had since birth. This probably won’t go down too well but if it’s what they want, so be it.

Why Did Meghan And Harry Talk To Gavin Newsom?

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As I’ve said, I don’t think Meghan wanted Kamala Harris’ seat in the Senate. It is a senior position that she has no experience in. If anything, she is and Harry likely spoken to Gavin Newsom about helping the state of California in any way they could. Hmmm… they said the same thing when they were living in Canada before they sneakily jumped the border before they closed so they could live in California.

Since the details of the meeting were not made public, we may never know what was said. This might be a blessing in disguise. Do we really need to know what Meghan’s political aspirations are? Not really. Do we want her to preach more than she already does? *shakes head*.

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