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Batwoman and Supergirl Surprises Fans With Two Guest Appearances

Gabriel Mann; Sean Astin

This week’s episodes of Batwoman and  Supergirl surprised fans with two appearances from two actors we never thought we would appear in the Arrowverse.

Batwoman and Supergirl are both inching towards Crisis on Infinite Earths. Though, before they reach it, they had guest actors pop up on this week’s episodes. However, what made it so memorable, was who appeared that we were not expecting. You ready for the reveal? Yeah? Well, drum roll please! Okay, okay, we’re talking about Gabriel Mann and Sean Astin.

Tommy Elliot

Gabriel Man; Sean Astin
[Credit: DC Comics]

For all those diehard Batman fans out there, you might’ve recognised the name Tommy Elliot who appeared in most recent Batwoman ep ‘Down Down Down’. However, for those who don’t know the character, Elliot is the villain known as Hush in Batman lore.

In Batwoman, Gabriel Mann portrays the villain. If you don’t know his body of work, the most favourite project is the television series, Revenge. Starring alongside Emily VanCamp (Captain America: Winter Soldier), Mann played Nolan Ross, Emily Thorne’s bisexual best friend and a genius software inventor.

According to the episode, Elliot was once the best friend of Kate’s cousin, Bruce Wayne aka Batman. The pair were often competing to see who had the most money or who had the largest building. It appears that Kate herself is familiar with him. Tommy has an ego and his motives are clearly ‘kill as many as possible’. He almost kills Kate’s dad and stepmother in his quest to get back at Bruce.

Malefic Disguised As Kelly’s Friend, Pete

Gabriel Mann; Sean Astin

The appearance of actor Sean Astin (Goonies, Lord of the Rings) in this week’s Supergirl episode, ‘Blurred Lines’ – no, not the Robin Thicke song! – came as a massive surprise. Moreover, it was not advertised in the promo material so it came as a shock.

Astin stars as Pete, an old friend of Kelly’s whom she served in the military with. By the time the last part of the episode came, we learn that Pete isn’t actually Pete. It’s Malefic, J’onn’s evil brother who is trying to hurt his older brother’s friends.

What made this episode awesome was this was Astin’s first time live-action superhero project. Sean played Shazam in the animated series Justice League Action. For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans, Sean portrayed the red turtle, Raphael in the 2012 series.

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