A Sombre Farewell For The Queen As She Says Goodbye To Prince Philip


Prince Philip’s funeral was one of reflection but also one of great sorrow for Her Majesty…

No one ever wants to have to bury a loved one, especially during the worldwide pandemic. But, the death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has pushed the royal family together in ways we never could’ve thought possible. However, for Her Majesty The Queen her husband’s funeral was always going to be hard, regardless of COVID-19.

For seventy-three years, Prince Philip was always a couple of steps behind her as consort. Though, to say her goodbyes in front of the entire world was never going to be an easy feat. The day was beautiful despite the sombre occasion. As the coffin was loaded in the back of the modified Land Rover – designed by the Duke of Edinburgh – Her Majesty’s Bentley followed behind instead of leading, allowing for her beloved spouse to be in front for the first and final time.

This sweet and loving gesture goes to show much The Queen loved her husband and wanted him to have the sendoff he deserved, even if it was during a pandemic. Her grief is evident as she sat on her own away from the rest of her family. Thanks to use of masks inside the chapel, we didn’t get to see how upset Her Majesty was. While this might sound terrible, it is also a relief as she has every right to mourn the love of her life without it being on public display. She also spent much of her service with her head bowed in prayer.

Having watched the funeral, it broke our hearts as it took us back to our grandmother’s funeral in 2016. That was one of the hardest’s days ever. She was the glue that held our family together. Prince Philip was the same for his.

How The Queen Continues

[Credit: The Times of Malta]

How the Queen goes on without having her “strength and stay” by her side is anyone’s guess. Though, she has does have the support of her whole family. She is close with daughter-in-law, Sophie who is in her inner circle and according reports, Her Majesty is much closer to eldest son Charles than she use to be. We also know William and Catherine, her grandson and granddaughter-in-law will step up even more to help her out. She will also have the assistance of

Princess Eugenie, one of Her Majesty’s granddaughters promised her grandfather in a touching Instagram post that the whole family would look after her grandmother now that he is gone.

Also, The Queen is not like Queen Victoria who retreated in grief from the public eye after the death of her husband, Prince Albert. Her Majesty will continue on with her duties as she has doing when Prince Philip retired from public life. It has been reported that the family will not allow her to do engagements alone and will have someone there with her as support.

How The Funeral Respected The Queen

Having watched the funeral, the way it was streamed was very respectful of the Queen. The focus was on the service and not the family. Occasionally, it would cut to various members and Her Majesty but Prince Philip was the focus. He did say he didn’t want a fuss to be made for his farewell and he got what he wanted.

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