Prince Harry Hasn’t Found His Freedom Says Royal Commentator

Richard Fitzwilliams has come out swinging at Prince Harry for claiming he has found his freedom…

There is a difference between freedom and entrapment. Royal commentator, Richard Fitzwilliams told The Sun what his view on Prince Harry’s jab at his father and grandparents was. In his eyes, the Duke of Sussex is not making his own decisions; his wife, Meghan Markle is doing everything for him.

Fitzwilliams is incredibly gutsy to make such claims given how very few royal commentators are willing to speak their minds in public. Though, a number have spoken their own thoughts on Twitter. Angela Levin and Robert Jobson have been very vocal about their disapproval in the decisions Harry and Meghan have made despite their own differing opinions.

A while ago we wrote about how Harry commented that his brother is ‘trapped’ within the confines of the monarchy when he is the one who is actually trapped. We said that William’s marriage to Catherine is a partnership while the Sussexes’ union is a dictatorship. We even also showed photos from two different situations as evidence of the Duke of Sussex’s entrapment.

Richard says he listened to Harry’s episode of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast and for the prince to say that he and Meghan had to meet up at a supermarket pretend not to know each other and is just dumb. The Duke also went on to say that they got weird looks. Umm… sure. We don’t believe that and it appears neither does Fitzwilliams. The commentator continues and says that ‘H’ knows what makes a ‘princess’ because his wife told him. This is rich coming from a woman who wrote on The Tig back in the day in a TIG TALK with Princess Alia Al-Senussus:

Little girls dream of being princesses. I, for one, was all about She-Ra, Princess of Power. And grown women seem to retain this childhood fantasy. Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding and endless conversation about Princess Kate.

Meghan on The Tig about princesses with a mention to *gasp* her now sister-in-law, Catherine

How Is Calling Out Prince Charles Finding His Freedom?

[Credit: ABC]

Moving over to the Duke of Sussex for a moment, Harry claims to want to break ‘the cycle of pain and suffering’ that he suffered at the hands of his father who was raised without (according to the prince) love from The Queen and Prince Philip. So, we need to ask, how is ‘calling out’ Charles going to bring him his freedom? It doesn’t. It also makes the claims Meghan made about wanting to ‘forgive’ the family (as per Marie Claire UK) redundant.

If he thinks he is going to get sympathy from anyone except really rich celebrities with money to burn, he has another thing coming. Thanks to Meghan, he firmly believes that if he digs the knife in deep enough, Prince Charles will fall at his feet and beg for forgiveness. Nope. Never going to happen. The Prince of Wales has way more dignity than his spoilt brat of a younger son gives him credit for.

Harry forgets that his mother was his primary parent for the first twelve years of his life. His father, however, was there for him and William. Also, does he not remember how Charles put his hand up to walk Meghan down the aisle when her dad was unable to be there? At this rate, his own relationship with his pa will be like his wife’s with her own father; non existent.

Harry Does Realise How Trapped He Actually Is

[Credit: Global Citizen]

Richard makes a great point when he says that Harry doesn’t realise Meghan has him trapped and that his freedom doesn’t exist. He says that the Prince doesn’t make his own decisions anymore and that his wife is the one who makes them for him. Look at how he is always wearing the same shirt and the shoes with the holes in the bottom. She gets a new dress worth thousands of US dollars and he wears the same outfit every time he appears in public.

Harry doesn’t understand how Los Angeles actually works. The place is crawling with paparazzi as it is celebrity central. However, when he was still in the UK, you almost never heard anything about him unless it was essential. Now, with him living in America, he is in the news every single day. He and Meghan have no desire for privacy. Their supporters can say that they’ve done everything they said they’d do but they’re delusional. How is a new article coming out everyday getting them privacy?

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