Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles Of Harkle: My Views On Meghan’s Attempts To Shut Down Free Speech In The Media And A New Development

Free Speech

Meghan Markle’s victory over the Mail on Sunday is not a win. It is a threat to free speech. The former actress is attempting to silence her critics by ordering governments to censor their citizens. As someone who is all for a healthy debate, I certainly do not take orders from a two-bit former royal who did nothing but whine about not being on the top of the food chain.

The Duchess of Sussex believes she’s doing the right thing by declaring a reform of tabloid culture. However, she is causing voices to go silent, banishing them to the endless void of cancel culture. To her, presenting facts is extinguishing the woke’s brand of correcting everything they come across. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she supports the change of the nursery rhythm, Baa Baa Black Sheep to Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep.

I’ve heard from relatives who have worked in childcare that kids have to say Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep to prevent racism from taking hold. There are physical black sheep. However, there’s no rainbow sheep unless you play Minecraft.

The Urban Dictionary says the term “Rainbow Sheep” has several definitions. Though, the closest meaning to this situation is someone who takes political correctness too seriously. Okay, I didn’t realise that Urban Dictionary was a self-edit website similar to Wikipedia, but it doesn’t matter. There’s an explanation for it, so I’m going to take it.

Free Speech Is A Vital Part Of How We Live

Anyway, Meghan thinks her court win is significant for everyone. She’s no angel as Jason Knauf, an ex-employee has exposed her for lying. Claiming she “forgot” about her email exchange with him is that proof. However, the judge has said that she was still in the right of her privacy and that additional evidence doesn’t count. Did she influence the decision? I want to say they did, but quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. Free speech is being threatened by a woman who cannot take criticism.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll go over it again. If Meghan wants a career in politics, she needs to learn how to accept criticism. All her life it seems, she’s been told she’s perfect. If she wants to be a politician of any description, she won’t be able to stamp her feet and storm off.

Trying to mess with free speech is like telling people to clap their hands upon command, and if they don’t they get shocked. Moreover, Meghan’s inability to handle the heat of what people say shows she should’ve run for the hills of royal life. However, she didn’t because she wanted that covert title of Duchess. Or, better yet, she could say she was a princess. After all, on Archie’s birth certificate, she is listed as a Princess of the United Kingdom for an occupation.

Free speech is how the world functions the way it does. Without, we would be forced under a tyrannical rule where we’d be whipped into submission. Also, Meghan is meant to be about women having a voice. How is silencing anyone, especially the female populace helping them?

Meghan Wants Free Speech Only For The Rich And Influential

In the mind of Meghan Markle, free speech exists for the people, who she seems powerful enough to wield. I am talking about anyone who is rich or has influence. These people are better known as her A-list groupies. 

I’m referring to people such as Misha Nonoo, who appears to be the only friend she has left. After all, she showed up in a photo with anti-monarchist journalist Amol Rajan who hosted The Princes and the Press. What’s more, is the picture was taken at a Harvey Weinstein party.

I’ve written before about how Meghan allegedly called her mother and father trailer trash when she (supposedly) got into an argument with Doria over baby Lilibet’s name. I have no idea if that’s true or not. We’ve never seen Lili so it’s still up in the air if she exists.

Anyway, free speech is for everyone. However, the Sussexes don’t enjoy being criticised and expect everyone to praise them for their “duty”. What duty are they referring to? They claim to serve the Queen when all they do is bitch about how no one listened to them and how everyone was against them and all this garbage. The planet already has enough idiots on it. We don’t need a couple who live in a multi-million dollar house with over a dozen bathrooms to tell us to be eco-friendly.

Her Majesty The Queen is the prime example of a woman of service. She has been doing it all her life. It was what her parents taught her to do. She has never whined about it. I suspect this is where “Keep Calm and Carry On” comes from.

Oh, and the line from the Sussexes about “Service is Universal”? They don’t know the true definition.

A Voice Of Many

Meghan had better watch herself. A royal ally has come out to reveal what did happen with the alleged crying incident. Kirstie Allsopp who is a friend of the royals has claimed she knows what happened. Kathryn Ingate reports for the Express that Catherine had to tell her soon-to-be sister-in-law off for her behaviour regarding the staff who alleged she [Meghan] had bullied them. Now, this is interesting. As the Express article points out, the Duchess of Sussex failed to mention this to Oprah and instead claimed the future Queen consort made her cry.

Neil Sean said something similar during a recent video. Jason Knauf has done his job in exposing Meghan as a liar. We all knew she loved to twist the truth, but to perjure herself in a court shows how desperate she is to control what is said about her.

So much for being about giving people a voice, am I right?

Not Compassionate, Free Speech Disruptors

What annoys me is how Meghan and Harry claim that they’re about compassion. Excuse me? What a load of A-level crap! Where was their compassion when Prince Philip was on his deathbed? If they cared, they would’ve jumped on a plane and gone to see him before he passed.

Also, where was Harry’s compassion for Thomas Markle when he sent that horrid text message as his future father-in-law lay in a hospital after having heart surgery? Honestly, I want to know what was in that message that was so bad that it couldn’t be read in court.

The Sussexes do not know what it means to consider other people’s feelings. They only think about what will benefit them. If they think the press is turning the people against them, they need to go to a therapist. They have caused so much damage since they’ve been together that it’s almost like they were destined to be together. They shit on people who they see as a threat.

They’re both jealous and want something they cannot have. Meghan wants to be the top dog. Meanwhile, Harry wants to be king. He’s no different to his Uncle Andrew who hates being second best to Prince Charles.

Meghan believes she should be the one telling people what to do. She should be given the respect she thinks she deserves. To get respect, you need to be kind to people. I’ve reported on the bullying allegations already, so I won’t go over it again. The reason the Cambridges, Clarence House and Buckingham Palace keep their staff is because of how they’re treated by the royals; with dignity and respect.

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