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Home And Away: Is Justin Being Framed?

As Justin comes to realise he’s a drug addict, he gets arrested a second time for the murder of Susie, but is he being framed?

The last few weeks have been tough for Summer Bay as they’ve dealt with the fallout of Ryder and Chloe’s food truck exploding, Tori and Christian’s breakup, and now they’re being forced to contend with Susie’s death which has now been ruled a murder. Justin is currently going from hell and back with his drug problem and after blacking out behind the wheel while on illegal pills, he realises he has a problem. He already has been arrested once and now, he’s about to be again for the murder of scam artist, Susie McAllister. But is he being framed? This is the thinking of Back to the Bay.

A promo for next week and possibly the week after appears to show Justin was framed for Susie’s murder. Question is, who did this and why? Well, there’s only one possible person who could’ve done this; Stephen.

We’ve had this thought a few times, but it makes the most sense. After all, why would the residents in Summer Bay suddenly go out of their way to ruin him? Also, it’s basically one of the fundamental rules of Soap Operas. It’s always the character who isn’t in the show too much. Yes, Justin has been out-of-control due to his drug habit, but it looks like he might be coming around after he suddenly woke up in his car on the side of the road. But, this makes really think; if it is Stephen, why does he want the mechanic gone? Our guess would be because he wants Leah.

Looking Back: Susie Had An Accomplice

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We know that when Susie was on the show, she was always getting mystery phone calls from someone but we never found out who this person was. Suddenly, Stephen rocks up saying he’s a victim of the scam artist. Leah contacted him on an online forum where victims speak out against fraudsters like McAllister.

At first, Justin wasn’t entirely supportive of Leah doing the work the police were meant to be doing. However, he eventually came around. In the promo we see someone uncover the missing cash that belongs to the couple and the laptop belonging to Susie in a hotel room. This makes us think it is Stephen purely because of two things.

The first is we know nothing about him outside of what he has said. Number two is he is likely living in a hotel room. But, why would he be Susie’s accomplice?

It’s possible he is faking his life story to get sympathy. If he is, then he’s really convincing as he’s fooling everyone. We know that Irene saw through Susie from the beginning. So, this makes us wonder who the true scam artist is; him or the now dead woman?

Susie is a professional con and operated under several aliases as Leah has learned. If Stephen is her accomplice then he’s a much better actor.

Detective Amy Peters Finds Susie’s Phone… In Justin’s Car

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New detective in town, Amy Peters is no stranger to the folks of Summer Bay. She was involved with the spin-off Home and Away: Revenge in the Northern Territory with Heath and Bianca. While this has not been mentioned, she has already tussled with Irene and John with them only finding out later that she is the one in charge of Susie’s murder case.

The promo and Back to the Bay have also shown a glimpse of the event that leads up to Justin’s second arrest. Peters finds Susie’s phone in Justin’s car. How the hell did it get there? This makes us think that someone most definitely framed him.

We also see Justin being interviewed where he insists, despite his state of mind, that he’s being framed. Now, we have to stress also that he has been capable of anything since he’s been on his drug bender. If he actually did kill Susie, then he probably doesn’t remember it. This would be similar to when John had that brain tumor and he was the Summer Bay arsonist.

Our guess is that he is being framed. It would just be too easy for the writers to reinvent a storyline that only took place a few years back.

Three Lead Suspects

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There are three lead suspects in Susie’s murder; John – the jilted lover, Irene – the woman who tried to catch her out, and Justin – the man she conned out of $90k. These three have reasons to want her dead. But, so do Leah and Stephen.

So, why are these three being targeted specifically? Well, it has to do with the relationship they had with the deceased. John had feelings for Susie. Irene was suspicious from the beginning and Justin was upset because she stole $90k from him and Leah.

We saw the methods that Detective Peters will use to get people to talk in order to get some kind of confession. She ambushed Leah and Stephen’s dinner much to the discomfort of the new cop, Cash who was in the lead in the case before Amy arrived in town.

Whoever did this had their reasons, but we’re calling Stephen has the person behind Justin being framed like right now. It’s the obvious choice.

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