Batwoman: Could We Meet More Members Of Luke’s Family?


The DC Universe would not be complete with the Bat-family. By extension, this includes having a member of the Fox family running the operation. Every comic fan will be aware of Lucius Fox, the tech guy for Bruce Wayne/Batman. He has also served as the Dark Knight’s closest friend outside of Alfred Pennyworth. In The CW series, Batwomanthe titular character, has Luke Fox, Lucius’ son.

By the start of the series, Lucius has been dead a few years. Meanwhile, Luke has become the head of the security team at Wayne Enterprises, which continues post-Crisis. We discover early on in the series, Lucius was murdered, but the wrong guy was arrested. Luke’s mother has been mentioned a few times but hasn’t been named or seen. What hasn’t been referenced is whether there are additional members of the Fox family.

In this post, we’ll be talking about members of the Fox family who could show up and who they are in the comics.

Lucius Fox

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Despite his death in BatwomanLucius still plays a vital to the story, serving as Luke’s inspiration to suit up as Batwing. Lucius was one of the few people whom Bruce Wayne would listen to, a parallel can be drawn between Luke and the first Batwoman, Kate Kane.

As explained in the currently airing Season 3, Luke and Lucius often discussed what it would be like to have a black Batman in Gotham. Little did Luke realise, his father was in the middle of making that dream a reality at the time of his death. Storywise, this is a nod to David Zavimbe, who started his superhero career as the Batman of Africa.

In Batwoman, Luke takes up the Batwing mantle after he grows tired of being Russell Tavaroff’s punching bag. After he’s shot by the rogue Crows agent, Luke decides to fight back. Ultimately, he discovers his father had created a suit based on his [Luke’s] childhood drawings. Also, Ryan is the one who dubs Luke “Batwing” after jokingly calling him “the Dork Knight”.

Luke discovers that his father is the voice of the AI inside his suit but is currently having issues with it.

In the comics, Lucius is married to a woman named Tanya, and they have three other children besides Luke. They have an elder son, Tim (also known as Jace) and daughters, Tiffany and Tamara.

Within the Arrowverse, he was also good friends with Alfred Pennyworth, who asked him to be Julia’s godfather.


The wife of Lucius and the mother of his four children, Tanya has been referenced in Batwoman a couple of times, but never by name. She’s only referred to as “Mom” by Luke. One of the times she had the biggest reference was when Lucius’ allegedly killer was up for release and she was unable to face the guy who apparently killed her husband.

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According to what has been mentioned, at Lucius’ funeral, she was raked with such grief that she couldn’t stand.

In the comics, Tanya’s role depends on the storyline and the Earth. One example is on Prime Earth, where she uses her family’s status in Gotham to raise awareness of her missing daughters, Tam and Tiff after they’re kidnapped.

Thanks to the public, Tamara was found relatively quickly. However, finding Tiffany took a little bit longer, though she was found by Luke, masquerading as Batwing.

Also, in the New Earth continuity, Tayna was the mother to only three children as Luke apparently didn’t exist on this Earth.

Going back to Batwoman, if Luke’s mother does show up, it would have to be for a very good reason. Will she share the same name as her comics counterpart? Possibly as the show is pretty comic accurate regarding names. They only change them if there’s a reason to do so.

Tamara “Tam” Fox

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Tamara is the eldest of Lucius and Tanya’s daughters, during the Prime Earth timeline. She and Luke couldn’t be more different and are constantly at each other’s throats.

The Fox sisters were kidnapped by Russell Tavaroff and Ratcatcher. While Tam was found, thanks to Tanya’s prodding of the public, her sister, Tiffany took longer to find. Luke, suited up as Batwing found her.

In Batwoman, the only competition Luke has had is dealing with racism from Tavaroff. If Tam were to be introduced, it would be an interesting dynamic to explore.

Tiffany “Tiff” Fox

The youngest of the Fox children, Tiffany, much like her big brothers, is destined for great things. According to Samantha King of ScreenRant, Tiff will eventually go on to become the first African-American woman to be Batgirl, during the New 52 Futures End comic events. Whether she goes on to take the mantle in future appearances yet to be seen.

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Having Tiffany become Batgirl will be game-changing for the bat family. Look at the approach that was taken for the creation of Batwoman being a black woman in Ryan Wilder.

Putting an African-American woman in the Batgirl cowl would make the ultimate statement just as making Jon Kent bisexual in the recent comics has done in promoting the LGBT community.

DC Comics needs to push to include more black characters in its hierarchy of lead characters. Sure, they’ve already made waves by having two female Robins in Stephanie Brown and Carrie Kelley and an LGBT Catwoman in Holly Robinson, but they need more cultural diversity and having Tiffany become Batgirl would be a great way to highlight that.

It would be nice to have a version of Batgirl on Batwoman, even if it’s recurring. Sure, we got one episode with Stephanie Brown who was Robin in the comics, but we need a Batgirl. A Fox sibling team-up would be totally awesome to see.

Timothy “Tim” (Jace) Fox

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Like his brother Luke and sister Tiffany, Tim Fox becomes a member of the Bat-family, but in the biggest way possible. He becomes Batman, becoming the first African-American to take on the mantle of the Dark Knight in the Prime Earth continuity, though we might be wrong.

Most versions of the character see Tim estranged from his father due to his own actions. Moreover, he is the eldest child of Lucius and Tanya and therefore, the older brother of Luke, Tam, and Tiff.

Tim also appears as Batman in the recent Future State comic series which sees some of the children of well-known heroes take up their parents’ mantle. One example is Jon Kent becoming Superman.

If Tim were to appear in Batwoman, there would have to be tension. Given Lucius is deceased, the estrangement would possibly fall between the brothers. After all, given how rebellious Tim is, it wouldn’t surprise us if Luke accuses him of being selfish and not being present in their lives.

Where We See Luke’s Family Dynamic Going

The Fox family dynamic is going to be an interesting one if it is ever addressed. We know that Luke may have unresolved issues with his father which might play out with his Batwing suit. Moreover, if Tanya, Tamara, Tiffany and/or Tim ever show up, it will be the first time any of these characters have appeared in a live-action setting.

We can see the tension from almost all these characters if they interact with Luke. Though, we doubt there would be much friction with Tanya as she’s grieving Lucius like Luke is. She might be his rock while his siblings if they appear might not be so straightforward regarding a family reunion.

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