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The Bold And The Beautiful: Finn Calls In Thomas And Hope To Formally Identify Vinny’s Body

formally Identified

Vinny’s body is formally identified by Thomas and Hope as the shock sets in with them and Finn…

Finn’s discovery that the coroner’s hit and run case is Vinny hits him hard as he knows the guy. Morever, when asks how, he explains that the vic is the best friend of his future brother-in-law, Thomas. In order for the body to be formally identified, someone has come in and do it.

The coroner asks if Vinny has family and Finn says he doesn’t know that much about the guy outside of the friendship he has with Thomas. So, the hot doc calls his brother-in-law and asks him to come down to the morgue. Though, he alerts him that it is not a family member which is a relief.

Thomas, who is at work with Hope, tells her about the odd conversation he just had with Finn. She volunteers to go with him.

As they wait for Thomas to show up, the coroner and Finn talk about the case which she mentions may be of interest to the police since the death is a hit-and-run. The doctor who is engaged to Steffy reveals what he knows about Vinny’s life including the swapping of the paternity results and his history with drugs. They even question who would want him dead and why they would just leave him on the side of the road.

At last, Thomas and Hope arrive and Finn introduces them to the coroner. Unsurprisingly, the medical professionals warn the pair that what they’re about to see might be a shock. Furthermore, the sheet is pulled back to reveal Vinny. The fashion designer goes into shock and confirms it is his former friend.

Finally, how the next week plays out is anyone’s guess. We know Bill is hellbent on keeping himself and Liam out of the line of fire. But, will their lies come unraveled?

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