Why Are Olivia Jade’s Fans So Willing To Forgive Her And Her Family?


She’s the beauty YouTuber at the centre of the College Admission Scandal. Olivia Jade doesn’t feel the need to apologise for the upheaval her parents have caused.

What’s the saying? Forgive, forget? Fans of Beauty YouTuber Olivia Jade seem to forgive her for the mess her parents, Lori Louglin and Mossimo Giannulli have caused in the wake of the College Admissions Scandal. Last March, the rich couple were arrested when it was discovered they paid $500k to get their daughters into the University of Southern California.

The couple have pleaded not guilty to all charges and face up to forty years in prison. What makes the whole situation disgusting is fans aren’t ditching Olivia. Instead, they’re rallying around her. Question is, why? The girl knew that her parents were using bribery and she didn’t want to go to college.

Daughter Of Aunt Becky

Federal Crime; forgive
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Olivia’s main YouTube channel has 1.95million subscribers. Her ‘hi again’ video gained more traction than any of her other videos and currently sits at 5.5million views. Her second video which marked her official return garnered only 1.3million views.

However, has it escaped anyone’s noticed that her mother showed up a lot in her previous videos? Is the reason why people like Olivia’s content is because of who Lori is? We think so! If you have a famous parent, you can become instantly famous because of who they are.

Since Lori played Aunt Becky on Full House and Fuller House, it is easy to see why some fans forgive Olivia. Before the scandal broke, Loughlin was considered a good person given her lack of criminal record. However, since Operation: Varsity Blues exploded, much of the public have turned on the actress.

However, Olivia’s subscriber count hasn’t gone down when she knew her parents scammed her and her sister’s way into USC. How is it that when James Charles and Tati Westbrook get into that massive catfight they both lose thousands of subscribers? Apparently, a catfight is more important than a nation wide FBI investigation. Olivia should have lost a lot more subscribers.

“She Made A Mistake.”

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If you read the comments on Olivia’s two newest videos, a lot of people call her out, but there are those who support her. Also, she has her Instagram comments filtered so only those she follows can comment. Most of these people are fellow spoilt brat YouTubers who have so much wealth they pull fake weddings for views.

Anyway, people need to realise the full extent of what Olivia knew about her parents and their crimes. How would her supporters feel if they were told someone had taken something as precious as a rowing spot away from them?

People work hard and it’s easy to see that those who are supporting Olivia have no empathy for those have worked for YEARS to get where they are now. Being a member of a prestigious college rowing team is a privilege and not some right because you’re wealthy.

Knowing your parents are bribing your way into university and not doing something to stop them isn’t a mistake. It’s a crime plain and simple. Before you start commenting OJ fans, think about this. Say you’re a living a middle class life and you’ve studied really hard and have really high grades and you’re offered a place at a prestigious university. You accept but then a few months later, your dream falls apart when you get an email saying your place has been given to ‘someone else’. How would that make you feel?

Olivia Needs An Attitude Adjustment

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Is the girl in the photo above someone you really want to admire? We did a whole post about it! It’s understandable why a lot of people hate the media given some of the bogus stuff that is written to get clicks or people to buy the magazines.

However, not all media outlets are like that. One of those outlets is us. We only want to expose the truth and nothing more. The one thing we want our readers to understand is that people’s attitudes towards certain causes can make or break them.

When you watch some of Olivia’s high school blogs, you can just hear in her voice how much she hates the place. While getting an education has never been at the top of Miss Giannulli’s to-do list, it is at the top of other kids’s lists.

Getting into a good college is everything to a lot of people when they want to pursue a certain career path. For Olivia, she was already successful and having a degree was never going to change that. She only did what her parents told her to do even if they didn’t her hear that she hated school.


role model; forgive
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When you’re as rich as Lori and Mossimo, you have to consider your reputation. Olivia’s reputation to many people won’t recover from the college admissions scandal as she’s lost a lot of sponsorships. She also said once that her mother told her that you only get one reputation.

Olivia’s reputation consists of the following:

  • Speaking ill of school and how much she hates it
  • Acting like the spoilt brat she is
  • Flaunting her wealth around
  • Tells her followers that her advice can cater for everyone but is really for her more wealthy fans

While Lori was right, she and her family have damaged their own reputations purely by using bribery. It’s clear how different the Loughlin/Giannulli case is to Felicity Huffman’s.

The family is so wrapped up in their wealth and fame that they think they will get off scot free. Huffman, however, admitted that what she did was wrong and was willing to pay for what she did. Loughlin and Giannulli are nowhere NEAR as famous as Felicity and think their actions as concerned parents is justified.

Forgive And You’ll Heal

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It’s been almost a year since the scandal broke but people still aren’t over it and for good reason. While some of the parents involved have been sentenced, others such as Loughlin and Giannulli haven’t yet. Because there’s so many people involved, it takes time to dig up all the necessary evidence.

While there’s been little information in recent month regarding the scandal, it appears people have gone down the ‘forgive and you’ll heal’ route. Many people don’t see it that way, especially with Olivia. The college admissions system is flawed in America. The wealthy get first dibs because they’re donating stuff to the colleges.

People from working class backgrounds who are reading about the scandal aren’t going to ‘forgive and heal’. Their kids who want to go to USC or Yale or Harvard will always be at the bottom of the pile because they’re not wealthy. How is that fair on them?

There’s no simple way to get over something like the College Admissions Scandal. People who have been burned by something this big will take their time to forgive the people involved. There’s a likelihood that they won’t forgive. It depends on the person.

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