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The Bold and the Beautiful: Why Liam Is Forever Tied To Thomas

Liam doesn’t want to be forever tied to Thomas, but it’s more complicated than he thinks…

The walls are closing in around Hope due to her ties with Douglas, and Thomas has her in his everlasting sights. However, her partner Liam doesn’t want the psychopath anywhere near them and their family. He proposes to his forever love, but issues an ultimatum, cut ties with Thomas altogether and that includes her adoptive son. Being forever tied to Thomas is something Liam doesn’t want.

We’re going to break down how Liam and Thomas are linked together in other ways besides Hope and Douglas. Trust us this deep dive is going to be crazy complicated.

Steffy And Kelly

forever tied
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Let’s begin with the Forrester side of this crazy family dynamic. Liam’s ex-wife and mother of his eldest daughter, Kelly is Thomas’s sister. Their little girl is the baddie’s niece and Douglas’s younger cousin.

Of all the times Liam has been married to Steffy, Thomas was his brother-in-law and the uncle to Kelly once she was born.


forever tied
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Liam and brothers Wyatt and Will had a lot of love and respect for their late cousin, Caroline, named after their aunt and Ridge’s first wife.

For any B & B fan who might have been living under a rock, Caroline is the mother of Douglas, Thomas’s son whom was conceived after Tommy Boy took advantage of her after she’d overdosed on pills. Wyatt has said that Caroline was more like a sister to him and Liam than their cousin.

Thomas even left LA to be with Caroline and their son in New York. Then she dies of a blood clot. That’s how her son and baby daddy ended up back in Los Angeles. Not to mention, he’s trying to make Douglas forget that Caroline is his biological mother.


forever tied
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We weren’t sure if we should include Ridge given his views on Thomas, but we thought we’d add him. Because Ridge is Steffy’s father and Kelly’s grandfather, Liam has to interact with him. This includes exchanging blows about his good-for-nothing son. I don’t think Ridge cares if Liam is forever tied to Thomas. All he cares about is that his kids have everything they want.


forever tied
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Like Brooke, Liam sees everything Thomas is doing but no one wants to believe the heir to Forrester Creations hasn’t changed. Neither of them want to see Hope forever tied to someone who is obsessed with her.

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