Stargirl: Did Jordan Really Think Barbara Was Going To Fall In Love With Him?

The chemistry between Barbara and Jordan has been tittering on the edge of flirtation since they first met. However, is the cold-hearted supervillain foolish enough to believe the married mother-of-one would fall for him?

Sofus and Lily Mahkent might not think much of Courtney but they like Barbara so much that they want her to be with their son, Jordan. God, that not only is a foolish thought, but it would be awkward as hell because it technically would make their grandson and Court’s crush, Cameron related. We’re cringing so hard right now.

Anyway, Lily and Sofus have noticed the way Jordan looks at Barbara and so have we! If we’re honest, it’s hella creepy and in the words of Mike, “Make it stop!”

As cute as it is, Barbara is with Pat. End of discussion. Sure, she’s upset with him for keeping such a large secret from her and ‘dragging’ Courtney into his superhero lifestyle but she’s proven to be quite the asset to the JSA… kinda.

When Jordan bought his parents to see her at the office, they started speaking Norwegian. Secretly, Barbara recorded their conversation. Once the Mahkents were out of the room, Barb revealed to Pat what she’d done which prompts a smile from him. Together, they go to the diner they met at and they translate what Lily and Sofus were saying.

Barbara didn’t seem at all phased when the translation revealed Jordan had feelings for her. It was like she knew this already. We knew she liked him, but not to that extent. Lily and Sofus’ foolish attempt to hide the fact they want her married to their son isn’t worth a dime. They are going to be shocked to discover that Barb isn’t falling for a guy who killed innocent people.

Jordan’s Project: New America

We know Jordan created Project: New America and had the rest of the ISA join the endeavour to make five American states follow their beck and call. In other words, they want to make people do what they want.

It looks like Nebraska was one of those states in the firing line. The reason we think this is because Lily and Sofus said something about Jordan’s plan and perhaps Barbara being brainwashed into falling in love with him. That is just cringe.

Second off, it shows how desperate Jordan, his parents, and the ISA are for their grand plan to work. Also, it goes to show how needy Icicle is for someone to love him. This stems back to what he told Cameron in ‘Shiv Part One’ that he is happy and doesn’t require someone to love.

However, we know that Jordan told Cameron to find love. We hope this is with Courtney. We have our fingers crossed for that one.

But, we do NOT want Barbara with Jordan. EVER.

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