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The Bold And The Beautiful: Flo Is Living Her Best Life, But Will It Stay That Way?


Life is really looking up for Flo, but could it change?

We spoke yesterday about how the Logans – meaning Katie, Brooke, and Donna – want Flo to change her name to theirs. Well, we got her answer today; yes. She agreed to do it, though she checked with her mother first to ensure she was okay with her decision. Shauna assured her that it would be what her dad would’ve wanted. Making a change in life like this is huge.

Flo’s life takes an even bigger turn when she meets up with Wyatt who then gets down on bended knee and proposes. She, obviously, says yes. But we need to ask one small question. Will her life stay perfect or wil there be drama on the horizon?

According to HopeBethSpencer on Instagram, Hope lashes out at her cousin when she attempts to reach out to her. Now, it’s understandable why she would react this way towards Flo. She was responsible for her nine months of misery where she thought her daughter was dead. While Liam has well and truly forgive her, there has been very little reference to the newest Logan on Hope’s end.

At the moment, Hope is fragile given the break down of her marriage via Liam’s one night stand with Steffy which almost resulted in her new baby being his. What really takes the cake is how Liam his ex-wife he still loved her.

Flo has been forgiven by everyone else but Hope. While it’s understandable why she hasn’t been put back into her good grace, it’s getting stupid considering Thomas and Zoe were involved in keeping Beth away from her too and they’ve been forgiven. Tommy Boy killed someone and kidnapped her. Flo just got in on Reese’s plan too deep without asking what was going on.

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