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Meghan Markle Has Exposed A Massive Flaw In Society

There is a flaw in society nowadays and it appears that Meghan Markle has exposed it through her own air-headed fanbase…

When Meghan Markle joined the British Royal Family as the girlfriend of Prince Harry in 2016, the world fell in love with her. She was the first biracial American woman to be involved with a English blue blood. Also, she was divorced as she’d been married before meeting her Prince Charming. After roughly a year of dating, the second son of Prince Charles got down on bended knee and proposed, and received a satisfying ‘yes’ after having been turned down allegedly by two former girlfriends. However, after the May 2018 royal wedding, cracks started to form and the public’s opinion of the newly minted Duchess of Sussex started to change. As tensions peaked, a flaw started to emerge.

As Meghan’s fans become more erratic in their ignorance of their goddess’ behaviour, they started to try (and fail) to cancel those who do not share the same opinion. These Sussex Squad groupies have tried cancelling the likes of YouTubers, According2taz, Sue Smith, Yankee Wally, and Murky Meg for calling Markle out on her bullshit. It doesn’t appear to matter to them that there is literal evidence of the lies like what the former actress herself posted on her former blog, The Tig. In their eyes, their saint is flawless and shouldn’t be criticised. This just makes us sick to our stomach.

The Flaw

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The flaw is that people apparently are only allowed to have one view on a subject and if they don’t then they’re a horrible person. Okay, this is NOT how the world works. It is perfectly fine to not share the opinion of someone who thinks differently. In Meghan’s fanbase, however, if you try to speak against her, you’re a racist. Umm… does that mean that black people who don’t agree with her are racist too? There is not rules for Markle and rules for everyone else. Everyone should be abiding by the same requirements.

This flaw was also exposed during the Oprah interview where Meghan implied that a member of her husband’s family was racist (hence branding them ALL racists). Someone had questioned in multiple chats of what colour their future children’s skin would be while she was pregnant. However, Harry attempted to correct the claim by saying the single conversation happened BEFORE Archie’s conception when they were dating. Lady Colin Campbell spoke about this on her YouTube channel and said that she’d known who it was a while but didn’t know whether she should say something. However, she alleges that Princess Anne was the one who spoke up but the talk had nothing to do with race.

Also, Meghan has hit out at The Times, the newspaper that exposed her alleged bullying of Kensington Palace staff in an attempt to silence the victims who happen to be all female. For someone who is all about empowering women, she is silencing her victims by having them sign NDAs while in her employment. She has called the article written by esteemed journalist, Valentine Low a ‘smear campaign’ against her ‘good character’. Honey, there is NOTHING good about you.

What The Sussex Squad Lacks

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Moving over to the Sussex Squad for a moment and what these people lack is kindness of their own. If we had to guess, these people are mostly women who lack a proper role model. What is so special about Meghan that she is worth idolising? Is it because she’s beautiful, smart, and biracial? While these are simple reasons for admiring her, do you not realise that her behaviour is the reason people are choosing not to support her? Her true persona has come out because her mask of composure has slipped. The reason we know this is because a body language expert examined one of her Zoom chats and he said her ego was flaring and that she didn’t like being told she was not the only powerful woman.

To be honest, Meghan is not powerful. The Queen is powerful. People admire her because of her countless years of service to the Commonwealth. Markle, however, couldn’t cope with two years worth of work. She did 70 engagements in two years and has the nerve to say “service is universal”. Please. She wanted the lifestyle of being a royal without the work. In her mind, she thought that she would be able to go on endless vacations and wear fancy dresses, and tiaras.

Every time Meghan whinges about something, the Sussex Squad will immediately jump to her defence without looking at the facts. Now, a lot of the Sugars clearly don’t trust the media. They’re just doing what their goddess does. However, Markle doesn’t appear to hate the press because she is always having so-called ‘friends’ like Omid Scobie leak things. Look at the wreath that was laid by Harry on behalf of himself and his wife at Prince Philip’s funeral as a prime example.

Meghan Has This Major Flaw

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[Credit: People Magazine]

Meghan might appear to be this strong, independent woman, but she is an insecure social climber who will throw a tantrum when something doesn’t go her way. She can sit in front of Oprah Winfrey with that fake plastic smile that shows her confidence but truth of the matter is, she fears her mask will slip and people will see her as something she doesn’t want the world to see.

The flaw Meghan has comes down to her constant need for attention. She craves it and cannot live without it. She knew when she was being written out of Suits that she needed to do something and fast. This is when she recruited her connected friends to do her dirty work. Their task was to find her a rich man that she could mooch off. There were no acting offers on the table and she knew it. There was no way she would be able to depend on her blog for financial income for very long. If she were serious about blogging, she would not have given it up after three years. Had she continued The Tig, she could’ve rivalled Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.

However, it was not to be as she never really tries at anything. The only reason she got the role in Suits was because of her ex-husband. A lot of the so-called jobs she had before the cable TV gig were given to her by relatives. The internship or whatever it was in Argentina was given to her by her Uncle Mike. She got to mingle with celebrities from a young age because her dad worked as a Emmy-award winning lighting director. Not once has she thanked them for helping her.

The Main Audience

[Credit: Vanity Fair]

Since Meghan identifies as a person of colour (in her mind when she is of both worlds), the people she thinks she represents don’t actually care about her views. Nor do they care that she proclaims to be one of them. American YouTuber, PDina is a black woman who adored Princess Diana. She cannot stand the type of person Markle is. Also, an amazing black writer, Jean Gasho cannot stand the former actress either.

Meghan thinks that all black people admire her. No, they don’t. While there are some that idolise her, most do not. Look at the Kingdom Choir as an example. They jumped on the Prince Charles bandwagon when the allegations of racism were thrown around during the Oprah interview. This tells us a load about what the black community in the UK think about her.

If the royal family was racist, then why were black celebrities, a black pastor and a black choir at the wedding? Does Meghan have that short of a memory? If The Firm was racist, she would not have been allowed to marry Harry in the first place and this would’ve been seen as a real issue. Also, if Prince Charles was against the union at the time, he would not have agreed to walk her down the aisle.

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