Stargirl: First Five Episode Titles Released – We Give Our Thoughts On What This Means

The first five episode titles for Stargirl Season 2 have finally dropped!

We haven’t gotten much in the form of promo material for Stargirl Season 2 outside of the first look at Eclipso, the twenty-second promo, and footage in a recent CW ad. Well, today we got the first five episode titles, as per our friends at Stargirl Wiki. While they might seem a little bland, they actually tell us a lot more than you’d think.

So, the first five episode titles are:

  • Summer School: Chapter One
  • Summer School: Chapter Two
  • Summer School: Chapter Three
  • Summer School: Chapter Four
  • Summer School: Chapter Five

As you can see, the episode titles are the same, but they give us a look at whether there’s a time jump. It’s been up in the air for a while as to if the second season will jump ahead in time. It looks like we now have an official confirmation; yes, it will. Though, it’s unclear how much. Since the first season ended in winter, then our best guess would be anywhere between six to eight months will be Season 2’s pick up.

It would make a lot of sense. This comes where we saw Sylvester when he appeared at the end of the finale. It looked like it was summertime in California, so that would indicate that there is a second jump in ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two’ without us realising.

Not to mention it might explain Barbara’s new bright colour scheme as in the the CW promo and this behind-the-scenes photo:

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Why Summer School?

Now, before we end this post, we need to ask, why Summer School? What could Courtney have done that has landed her there? Maybe it’s not just her. Perhaps Rick got himself put there as well. After all, we know how much he hates school… oh, well, he did until he joined the JSA. It’s hard to see Yolanda and Beth in such a place given they’re brains and their parents would likely kill them of their grades were down.

Perhaps, this is how the new Green Lantern (still rumoured to be Jade) comes into it and Courtney happens to be at the school… in the middle of summer.

Whatever the case, we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Stargirl Season 2 premieres August 10 (in America) on The CW.

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