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Remembering Hannah Clarke And Her Children One Year On After Their Horrific Murders At The Hands Of Rowan Baxter

First Anniversary

The past year has been hard on everyone, especially the Clarke Family who lost their beloved daughter and sister Hannah and her three young children. February 19 was the first anniversary of their deaths…

[CAUTION: This post contains mentions and details of domestic violence and murder – READERS DISCRETION ADVISED]

February 19 2020. The news cycles across Australia broke the story of the brutal murder of mother-of-three, Hannah Clarke. On what should have been a normal day, turned into a horror. Her estranged husband and father of her children, Rowan Baxter arrives at the family home, jumped in the front seat of the car, doused his wife and kids in petrol and set them alight. He stopped passersby from helping as he forced them to watch as their neighbours were burnt alive. Meanwhile, he then stabbed himself and died on the pavement. Fast-forward a year and the first anniversary of the murders has come and gone.

For all those who knew Hannah, the first anniversary of her murder would’ve been hard to fathom. A year without their daughter, sister, and friend. Domestic Violence became a massive talking point after the crime had taken place. It opens discussions about protecting those who suffer abuse by their partners.

As time has gone on, the world has learned what a vile creature Rowan Baxter was. He was raised to loathe women and to use them for two things: sex and cleaning the house. The men in his family had abused their female relatives for generations. The cycle broke by Isaiah, Baxter’s son from a previous relationship.

Rowan’s abuse of Hannah stemmed from his jealousy of her. He hated how successful she was in her career and how well-liked she was. The perfect life he showed on social media was far from idyllic away. At the time of the murders, we reported that Baxter was a serial cheater who didn’t try to hide his attitude towards women.

Small Steps 4 Hannah

first anniversary
[Credit: 9Now]

In the wake of Hannah and her children’s murders, her parents Lloyd and Sue and brother Nat put together a charity called Small Steps 4 Hannah and used the print of the soles of her feet as the logo. Moreover, this sweet gesture shows how brave they are to speak about a topic that has been considered taboo for so long.

The charity’s aim is to stamp out domestic violence and to raise awareness, according its website.

The first anniversary of any tragic event is hard for anyone. In the face of action, Hannah’s legacy is as a mother trying to protect her children is inspirational. It shows how much love she had for those she cared for. Finally, she and her three little angels should still be here enjoying their lives away from that vile monster.

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