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The Bold And The Beautiful: Paris Stands Up To Zoe And Finn Overhears Thomas And Vinny’s Argument


Look out Vinny and Zoe. You’re about to fall on your faces…

Paris has had enough of her sister telling her what to do. Meanwhile, Finn overhears Thomas questioning Vinny over whether he changed Steffy’s paternity results. The aftermath of what happens next is going to be juicy and we’re all here for it.

We’re so proud of Paris for standing up to her bitch of a sister. She called her out on what she is; a self-absorbed model who plays men to get what she wants. Zoe might not want to admit it to herself, but she uses people to get what she wants. She has bullied Flo and Xander and yet, she blames her ex-boyfriend for how her trust in men. Her father and Thomas we understand but she basically made her ex choose between continuing the lie or coming clean.

Moving over to what Finn overhears for a moment and we’re really excited to see how this plays out and here’s why. The Instagram account @hopebethspencer posted this:

[Credit: Instagram – @hopebethspencer]

We’ve known that there was going to be a hiccup in the paternity storyline. It wasn’t going to be as simple as the test being done and Liam being the father. That is what the show needs. A plot that is not as predictable or too long and people can actually forget about once it’s over. Though, there is one thing that bothers us. The stories that are being told are recycled. Remember when there was paternity drama surround who Kelly’s father was? This is a rehash of that and Bridget’s paternity when she was born years ago.

Going back to Paris, everything she says about her sister could not be more true. We hope there is more of her doing this in the future. Zoe needs to see the world doesn’t revolve around her.

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