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The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope Tells Liam To Let Steffy Be Happy With Finn


Finn is a hot guy with a big heart. Why can’t Liam see that? Hope makes a good point when she tells her husband that Steffy doesn’t need him defending her from a dude who clearly adores her.

Liam doesn’t like the idea of Steffy moving on with any man who is not him. Hope has called him again on his behaviour and we’ve got a terrible feeling he might become the next Thomas. Will he try to rip Finn away from his ex-wife and than dump his current one? Let’s pray this doesn’t happen.

All we want is Steffy to be happy with a guy who doesn’t jump between her and Hope. She was never meant to be with Liam in the first place and just became obsessed with him after she almost drowned in the bath. Now, she is finally moving on from that time in her life with Finn at her side.

Hope has done a really good job in calling her husband out for his jealousy. It’s like he wants the best of both worlds and can’t stand the idea of Steffy being happy. Yes, we understand that he wants to protect her, but as her ex-husband, he no longer has a say in her personal life.

Also, Steffy can stand up for herself. She is the co-CEO of Forrester Creations after all. Having Finn in her life is good for her. As Hope said to Liam, ‘Let it go!’

Liam Needs To Get A Grip!

Sure, Liam has jumped back and forth between Hope and Steffy and he has children with both of them. However, that does not give him the right to dictate who they can and cannot see. They deserve to be happy with someone who is not going to walk out on them every time something goes wrong.

While Steffy deserved it for sleeping with Bill around the time Kelly was conceived, Liam just loves having two women who birthed his daughters fighting over him. He cannot have both. Sure, his excuse is he’s looking out for Kelly, but what about Hope and Beth?

Finn is not a threat or danger to Steffy and Kelly. Liam just doesn’t want his little girl to call another man ‘daddy’.

He also thinks it is okay to call Finn out for getting Steffy addicted to opioids. Ah, the doc tried to cut her off the pills. That does not mean he’s a bad guy. Yes, he has an attraction to the heiress but he is not satan. There are plenty of doctors who have been with patients who’ve they have married.

As Hope so rightfully pointed out, Finn is no longer Steffy’s doctor.

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