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Kate’s relationship with stepsister Mary was basically nonexistent before Crisis. Though, they’d become chummy after her mother’s death and their dad’s incarceration. Though it’s about to get messy now that the social media maven has discovered her step-sibling’s secret identity.

Kate’s secret identity is now in the hands of her stepsister Mary after this week’s episode of Batwoman. When a ‘vampire’ begins draining club goers of their blood, Team Bat go in pursue. However, things are going to get messy when Batman’s cousin finds out her sister knows who she is when she becomes a vigilante.

So, what could happen next between Mary and Kate? Let’s discuss!

When Mary Finds Out

We didn’t think Mary would put the pieces together about Kate so soon after Crisis, but it happened in a way we didn’t expect. She finds out after putting together things that didn’t add up. One example was Luke talking to Kate via an earpiece and something that Sophie says to her earlier in the episode.

Why Mary Knowing Isn’t A Bad Thing

Okay, since Mary knows who Kate is, it’s not necessarily a bad thing and here’s why. We know that the Lady Bat prefers to do things alone, though she has Luke to help her given his dad was a friend to Bruce. However, if her stepsister now knows, perhaps she can serve as the Alex Danvers and Caitlin Snow of the team.

Will Mary Tell Jacob?

We know how Jacob raised Mary as his own, but will she tell him about Kate being Batwoman? If she wants a relationship with her stepsister she wouldn’t. The head of the Crows thinks the successor to Batman is a menace but little does he realise, she’s his daughter.

If Mary were to tell Jacob, it would damage her already frail relationship with her sister just as it’s picking up steam after years of being non-existent. However, her stepfather is the only parent the medical student has left and she doesn’t have anyone else outside of him and Kate.

Mary’s Reaction

At the end of the episode, we see Mary’s reaction as being one of shock and possibly disbelief. Though, we need to take into account when next week’s episode picks up. Will it pick up immediately after the previous episode or some time after? We don’t know yet, but whatever happens, it’s either going to be very good for Kate or very bad. Only time will tell what happens.

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