So, You Want To Be Financially Independent, But You’re Still Mooching Off Daddy? Grow Up, Harry!


How can you be financially independent if you’re mooching off your rich daddy?

So, a while ago we wrote about Harry and Meghan mooching off their rich friends when they were living in Tyler Perry’s house. Now, this is something else a little different. During the Oprah interview – we apologise for bringing this up… again – the Duke of Sussex said his father, Prince Charles cut him off financially – especially with security – and that he [H] only had the money left to him by his late mother, Princess Diana which enabled him to move his wife and son to America.

Now, since that was aired, The Daily Mail reported that Harry’s statement was in fact, false. A source told the Evening Standard as quote by DM said:

The Prince of Wales went out of his way to make sure his son and daughter in law were financially supported.

An unnamed source

It was also revealed that 95% of Harry and Meghan’s funding came from Duchy Cornwall. The other 5% came from the Sovereign Grant which is tax-payer funded.

How Can You Be Financially Independent If You’re Mooching Of People?

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When the Sussexes made that abysmal announcement that they wanted to be financially independent and do their own thing, that was supposed to mean not having ANY help. Especially from Duchy Cornwall or better known as rich daddy’s wallet.

So, for Harry to say his father cut him off, basically beat the purpose of him and Meghan saying that they want to be financially independent. Here’s something else as well. Markle is worth roughly $5million in her own right. She ran The Tig for three years which apparently amassed $80,000 annually from endorsements and brand deals. Then, there was the money she made while she was on Suits for the seven seasons she did.

Also, Harry is worth so much more than Markle could even dream of. Is that the whole reason she wanted a rich Englishman? Who knows at this point? Honestly, we don’t care. When his mother died, he inherited a lot of money which he mentions to Oprah.

But, what he left out is his great-grandmother, The Queen Mother left him much more than she left him a bucket load more money than his brother, William. Now, according to Express, Harry apparently denied that he had been given cash from his great-granny. Whether we believe that has put us on the fence.


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Harry is so ungrateful towards his father. After the death of Diana, he and William were raised by their dad who did his best. Why should Charles continue to fund a multimillionaire lifestyle when his youngest son already has millions in the bank? You don’t need to be a billionaire in order to live in a $14 million mansion in Santa Barbara. Also, you don’t need security when you’re meant to be living in a gated community. You don’t see celebrities like Ellen or Oprah complaining about security when they live normally lives except for their financial successes in television.

Also, a financially independent person or couple in this case shouldn’t be demanding money from their parents when they themselves have enough cash of their own. Grow the hell up, Prince Harry!

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