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The Bold And The Beautiful: A Favor For A Favor And Donna Sees The Incriminating Footage

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This week’s Bold and the Beautiful started with a literal bang! Penny Escobar is owed a favor by Sally while Donna discovers Brooke’s dirty little kiss with Dollar Bill.

Sally continues to argue with Penny about her so-called illness. To make matters worse, it’s revealed that Miss Spectra owes her friend and doctor a favor. Meanwhile, Brooke happily helps Donna plan a family party to celebrate her [Brooke] reunion with Ridge only for the middle Logan sister to discover the Brill kiss footage. Let’s just say, this week is going to be fiery.

A Terminal Diagnosis For a Favor

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We learn a little bit more about the mysterious Penny Escobar in today’s episode. She doesn’t like her job as a doctor and only became one because of her parents wanted her to. She states that her dream is to enter the fashion industry. Sally tells her that she can help her but only if she assists in her plan to get Wyatt to dump Flo.

Okay, this is wrong on so many levels! Wyatt has a good heart, but he’s so much like Liam it’s not funny. He jumps between women and can never make up his mind. Sure, he cares for Sally, but he shouldn’t be chasing after her and pitying her as he knows she hates that.

Penny sees how wrong it is of her friend to be using the guy she is so desperately in love with to get what she wants. She also knows what will happen if her own lies get out at work meaning she could lose her job and her medical licence.

Using Katie And The Symptoms Were Real

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We cannot forget that Sally is also using Katie to her advantage. She knew having the youngest Logan sister in her corner meant using her good hearted nature. Miss Spectra knew she would blab to Wyatt about her ‘condition’.

Also, from what we heard today, Sally’s symptoms were very real but she has since been cured. We also don’t know what her condition was. Though, that begs the question of how severe the illness could have been. It was assumed it was terminal but it couldn’t have been too bad given she’s walking around and doing yoga.

Speaking of yoga, Flo rushes into Wyatt’s house and finds Sally on the ground, thinking she’s unresponsive. Spoilers also indicate Shauna’s daughter will sense something isn’t right with her rival’s behaviour. Whether she feels might not be what we’re thinking.

Donna Spies The Brill Kiss Footage

Donna got the shock of her life when she spies the footage of Brooke and Bill kissing on the digital photo frame Ridge gave his wife. Unbeknownst to her, Quinn uploaded it so Ridge would see it and it would break him and his beloved Logan up and he would run back to Shauna.

Throughout the episode, we see Quinn smirking and basking in her victory against her the woman she thinks doesn’t deserve the title of Forrester Matriarch. She even gives cryptic messages to her unsuspecting husband Eric of “Brooke finally getting what she deserves”. This irks us, in case you couldn’t already tell.

From what spoilers reveal, the last episode of the week will have everyone at the Bridge reunion party seeing the footage for themselves. This will cause a shockwave over everyone which will include Bridget who will be returning for the get together. The ones who will the most shocked is Ridge and Katie who are the ones being ‘betrayed’ in this scenario.

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