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Home And Away: Amber Drops A Bombshell On Dean – He’s The Father Of Her Son


What’s not to love about Dean Thompson? He’s loveable, he adores Ziggy and makes her far happier than her ex-husband, Brody ever did. So, what’s going to happen now that Amber has dropped that massive love child bombshell on him?

Amber dropped a massive bombshell on Dean last week that could potential tear him and Ziggy apart. The former River Boy learned that he’d fathered a child with his ex-fling. It’s been noted that while he would love the idea of being a dad, he fears he could pass off a heredity mental illness to any kid he had.

Now, Amber rocks up and drops the bombshell on him and he’s worried that his son could have the same illness he and his mother have. What makes it worse is how Ziggy is going to handle having to share her boyfriend with anther woman.

Another thing we’re going to look forward to seeing in Mac’s reaction to her brother having a child with a woman she cannot stand. Dean and Mackenzie have had a close relationship since they met given they can’t stand their father, Rick Booth.

Mac is often the one to give Dean advice, but given how she hates Amber, she might be left on the sidelines. She may even suggest her brother get a DNA test done to ensure Amber is telling the truth and that Jai is his.

Dean Meets Jai

It’s been teased for a few months that Dean would learn about his son, but this week, they meet for the first time. According to Back to the Bay, Amber doesn’t tell Jai that the man he is meeting is his dad, at least not yet. It’s good that she wants to see how the first introduction goes before allowing the two to spend more time together.

Despite being a wild child who loves to party, Amber is just as a committed to her family as Dean is to his. After all, he grew up with Colby and Willow who are basically his brother and sister and he adores Bella whom he sees as his little sister.

In an interview with New Idea (as par the Back to the Bay article posted above), Patrick O’Connor said this about Dean meeting Jai and that bombshell:

Dean freaked out when Amber dropped her truth bomb. It was so not-on-his-radar that he could have a child, but he absolutely loves Jai instantly. We definitely see a new side to Dean with this storyline.

Patrick O’Connor on Dean’s newfound fatherhood

While it’s great that Dean is going to be totally enthralled with being a dad to Jai, how will this affect Ziggy?

Will Dean’s New Responsibility Push Ziggy Away?

Ziggy has always wanted to be a mother, but her love for Dean has given her the option of giving up being a parent or going it alone. After everything she has been through, she thought being happy was the endgame, but now finding out about Jai has made her question what’s next.

She knows too well that Dean has always been loyal to his family. He’s one of those guys who will drop everything to be there, but now that Jai’s in his life, he’s going to be busy having to spend time with Amber too.

As Ziggy explained last week, she thought she could look past not having a family with Dean, but now everything has changed. She even looks at Amber totally differently than she did before.

Could this new speed bump in their relationship derail Ziggy and Dean for good?

Willow And Colby

Learning about Jai has come a massive shock to Dean’s best friends, Willow and Colby. Will was slightly disappointed that Amber didn’t tell her about the child sooner given how close they are.

Colby, despite having to deal with his stepfather’s body resurfacing, has reacted with surprise to his best friend’s new status as dad. He couldn’t believe that Dean had fathered a kid.

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