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Families Reunited, Families Torn Apart – Baby Beth Secret Is Out!

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It’s been months in the planning but the Baby Beth secret is finally out and people will get punished for their role in keeping the infant from her parents…

From the moment the baby swap involving Baby Beth started, B&B fans wanted the infant returned to her parents. Well, they’re finally getting their dream, but it’s only just beginning.

Steffy loses the baby daughter she had no right to while Liam and Hope get their child back. This includes Thomas losing the woman he is obsessed with. He should check into a mental health clinic!

They Should Pay And Baby Beth’s Reunion With Liam!

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Brooke and Ridge will come out swinging at Flo, Zoe, and Shauna for the misery they put their daughters through by passing off a child as someone else’s.

Baby Beth reunited with her father, but her illegally adoptive mother, Steffy doesn’t want to consider the thought her ex-husband’s child is the same one she adopted. The mother-of-two’s worst nightmare is coming where she will give the baby back to her biological mama. She loves Baby Beth (Phoebe) and has a bond with her, but the infant doesn’t share the same link.

“We’re Meant to Be Together.”

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Steffy’s pain will cause her father to fly into a fury as he sees what Brooke witnessed from the beginning with Thomas. Ridge can deny it all he wants, but his precious son is no saint.

Now Thomas didn’t count on Liam running from Wyatt and Flo’s place to tell his ex-wife that Baby Beth is alive. Will he go to prison along with the other secret keepers? What will happen to our favorite little hero, Douglas? Will he be taken in by his grandmothers or one of his dad’s relatives? Anything is possible!

Ridge And Brooke Let Fly!

Baby Beth
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Brooke didn’t approve of her daughter and Thomas’s relationship. However, her husband agreed with the match and became unwilling to understand how evil his son is.

Zoe’s career at Forrester won’t survive now! She became reckless and too concerned about her precious father to worry about her own fate. She thought sacrificing her relationship with Xander was worth it to save her father’s bacon. Now, she’ll get a grilling from Brooke and Ridge for her role in the plot.

Flo knows them knowing what happened will cost her the life she’d gained since learning who her father is, but the truth is more important. She knows her aunts and cousin will hate her and it will hurt to lose them, but she knows what happened was wrong and she shouldn’t have allowed Thomas, Reese, and Zoe to bully her to speak up.

Watch Out, Thomas! Your Deceit Won’t Win You Back Your Wife!

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Thomas’s deceit and scheming keeps unraveling and nothing he can do will save his already doomed marriage. His delusional mind says Hope is in love with him when it couldn’t be further from the truth. He wants Douglas to forget about Caroline and will call his new stepmother ‘mommy’. Cue the basketball buzzer! Wrong on all accounts, dude man!

Douglas has guts to defy Thomas the way he did. Telling Liam and Hope his cousin Phoebe is Beth despite his dad telling him not to is brave, especially when his father is unstable and capable of killing. Also, his mother taught him to tell the truth. She didn’t want him to turn out like her and Bill.

Old Tommy boy plans how to get Hope back. She married him for Douglas and wanted to be his mama. Her zero interest in getting it on should’ve told him to back off.

We’re also expecting Liam to lash out at him too. Thomas stole his wife from him and hid the secret from the woman he obsessed over and manipulated into marrying him. When Hope finds out her hubby knew about Beth and kept it from her, she hates him even more than before.

Your Kid Isn’t A Saint, Ridge!

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Ridge is a hypocrite when it involves his kids. He himself has committed some rather despicable crimes over the years! He convinced his own son Douglas was his little brother, rather than his child.

Don’t get us started with Steffy! She stole all of Hope’s boyfriends and made her watch from a distance as she herself married Liam. Now, shouldn’t she repay her stepsister for ruining her [Hope’s] life and just give her back her baby?

Ridge has never thought of Hope as his daughter, despite having raised her. He prioritises his children as being higher on the food chain. No wonder Rick has always hated his adoptive half-brother/stepfather.

With his eldest child and stepdaughter, Ridge says they’re a perfect match and that Liam should keep his mouth shut and be a father to the girls.

Run Flo! Run!

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Now Liam and Wyatt are aware of the swap, she should run for the hills! Yes, her lies were dishonest, and she didn’t ask questions, but it wasn’t her fault. She got pulled into a scam before she inquired further.

While Flo’s intentions were pure, her family don’t view it that way. To Brooke, to deprive her daughter of her granddaughter is immoral. It doesn’t matter if the newest Logan is Storm’s. Keeping Beth a secret from Hope is criminal.

Logans V Forresters

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Bridge’s marriage won’t survive the onslaught in the fight for Beth. The matriarch will want her daughter to have her baby returned while her husband won’t see it in the same light. The little miracle interacted with Hope before and somehow knew she was her mama.

Ridge, your idiot ex-wife should’ve seen the red flags when Reese wanted his name off the adoption paperwork and a bucket load of money. An adoption – even a private one – doesn’t take a week!

Meanwhile, Brooke and her sisters will welcome Beth into their little clan as they should have months ago. This will cause unrest with Ridge and the Forresters stuck in the middle. 

Sure, Ridge will feel sorry for his daughter losing the infant she didn’t have legal right to, but he’ll side with her when it comes to where the little girl should reside.

Xander’s Return?

Baby Beth
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Now that the secret is out, we need to ask whether Xander will return to LA. It would be nice for him to back Flo when she becomes a target of fury. He’s not an official member of either family and he’s wanted to do the right thing since he found out.

He knew about the secret and wanted so badly to tell the truth but Thomas and his now ex kept telling him not to. Xander might be the key to stopping the in-fighting as he has proof Ridge’s son killed Emma.

Will Thomas Get The Help He Needs And What Happens With Douglas?

Baby Beth
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From the moment he returned, something has been off with Thomas. He has obsessed over Hope and got her to marry him because he loves her, but he can’t get she doesn’t love him through his thick skull.

What will happen to little Douglas if his father goes to prison or a mental health clinic? Any of his relatives could take him in.

Stepsisters Go To War!

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There’s no doubt the short truce between the frenemies will end as the Forrester heiress begs her stepsister to not take ‘her’ baby away. Hope refuses to let her daughter go and speculation has arisen she will keep her child away from her stepsister. Her rival has developed an obsession with the infant and will do anything to keep her.

We can imagine what the next few weeks will bring. More wars or words and punishments all around! We’re for that! Thank god the storyline is almost over!  2019 has been a year of soap opera drama we’ll never get back. Thank the TV gods Hope and Liam finally got their daughter!

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