Batwoman: Familial Tensions Arise Between Mary And Jacob


If you thought the familial drama during Batwoman Season 1 was something, it’s getting top level in Season 2…

[CAUTION: This post contains spoilers for Batwoman Season 2 Episode 6: Do Not Resuscitate]

The relationship between Mary Hamilton and her stepfather Jacob Kane was never the greatest. Though, we never totally understood why it was so bad between them despite the former social media influencer calling him ‘dad’. Well, in this week’s episode we actually get an explanation which has been hinted at before. Talk about familial tension.

Going into this episode, it was surprising that we even got scenes with Mary and Jacob at all. Their two links – Catherine and Kate – are gone and Alice – sorry, Beth – doesn’t even register as a familial tie as she’s legally dead.

Always About The Twins

Mary’s annoyance at her father came from her childhood after he married her mother. He became so focused on finding Beth that he became consumed by it. After Catherine faked lab results unknown to Jacob to say that his daughter’s skull had been found, his priorities switched to Kate, leaving his stepdaughter uncared for.

Young Mary grew use to his distant behaviour and pretended it didn’t affect her. Though, in the most recent episode, the whole situation boils over when they’re both kidnapped and held hostage in her illegal clinic.

The Illegal Clinic Reveal

A psychotic man who had been in a physic ward is told by his doctor that there is a cure for his ailment but he needs to get it for him. He causes a traffic accident which renders Mary and Jacob unconscious and they end up waking up in the illegal clinic.

At first, Mary denies knowing exactly where they are. The kidnapper wants stabs Jacob and it prompts his stepdaughter to reveal that they’re in her clinic. Jacob asks why she never told him and is told he wouldn’t believe her.

Later in the episode, Jacob berates her for having the clinic in the first place. He lists a number of illegal activities and says he is having the centre shut down. This upsets Mary as it was her lifetime and her way of helping the underprivileged. When it comes this familial spat, it might get uglier given what we’re learning about their past.

Our Input

We’ve loved Mary as a character and seeing her interact with Jacob is always nice to see. She had every right to blow up at him when she did. Does he forget that Gotham has criminals running amok and an illegal clinic is the lest of his issues? It made us smile when she says that she’d preferred when when he didn’t play her any attention.

Jacob might believe that his intentions are justified, but only does what he wants. He doesn’t care about Mary’s feelings at all. In other words, he is doing to her what he did to Kate; being overly protective when he does not need to be.

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