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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas’ Plan Begins To Fall Apart

No matter how we feel about Steffy Forrester, we have every right to think that she might be the reason her brother, Thomas falls on his face at his own wedding!

Look out Thomas because your plan to continue wooing Hope will come unravelled! Steffy begins to catch on to her brother’s plan after overhearing him talking to their stepsister. The Forrester heir hopes he won’t need to marry fiancée Zoe Buckingham but he will need to get her to the altar. As this ploy falls apart stitch by stitch, the middle of Ridge’s three surviving children will recruit Liam, Brooke, and her fellow Spencer baby mama to stop Crooked Tom’s plan.

Clueing In Liam, Brooke, And Hope

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Steffy has a lot to answer for, but the wellbeing of her daughter is the most important thing. When Thomas set up that kiss at the cliffhouse so Hope would see her beau kissing his ex, he meant for it to benefit his sister and niece to have the man the both love in their home and not with his second baby mama and their child.

However, after overhearing Thomas’ heated conversation about moving up the wedding to the next day, Steffy realises her big bro wasn’t looking out for her and Kelly. She even goes so far as to point out that he is still obsessed with Hope and that it wasn’t about her family.

From spoilers posted on @hopebethspencer on Instagram, Steffy reveal to Hope that what Liam and Brooke have been saying is true and Thomas is still obsessing over her. It also shows they and their baby daddy team up to keep Douglas. Meanwhile, Brooke joins her stepdaughter in trying to convince Zoe that her soon-to-be husband isn’t the charming guy she considers him to be.

While we cannot wait to see Thomas’s reaction as his world falls apart, Hope and Liam show up to the wedding with a surprise of their own! Will they get remarried? Will they object to Thomas and Zoe’s union? We’ll just need to wait and find out.

Douglas Suffers A Meltdown

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While it looks like Zoe will make it down the aisle, there’s going to be a snag: Douglas has a massive meltdown during the vows. That little boy has already been through so much. First, he loses his birth mother and now his father’s upcoming wedding is stressing the lil fella out to the point he’s begging Hope to marry his father.

However, how will Douglas be comforted when Hope is helping Liam and Steffy with their plan? Well, it appears the little guy will run upstairs and Hope has something up her sleeve. This makes us wonder what that could be.

Maybe she changes into the wedding dress Thomas designed for her, pretends she wants to marry him, but then reveals what he’s been doing to Douglas. If she isn’t believed, Steffy and Liam will likely jump in to back her up.

Reactions As Thomas’s Plan Falls Apart

Ridge is likely to be livid when this whole thing comes out. He had every faith that Thomas had changed. Brooke and Liam had told him a million times that his precious son was up to something and their words just fell on deaf ears.

It should also come out that Thomas forced Steffy to kiss Liam and that he’s been abusing his son. This will cause uproar with everyone in the room. But, the one thing we want, is for Quinn to fall on her face.

Why? Well, she was the first person to piece together Thomas’s plan. However, this is unlikely as the only person that knew about it was Thomas and he’ll be seething that his own sister played him.

The one person we want to see react to this is Zoe. She was foolish enough to fall in love with Thomas and to end up in his honey infested trap. If anything, we want her to scream at her man for betraying her. Now, that would be something worth watching.

Vinny’s Role In The Plot

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There’s no word on whether Vinny will play into the plot. He wasn’t even invited to Thomas’s sham wedding to Hope last year. Since he’s friends with Zoe now so there’s a small possibility he’ll be there. But, wouldn’t it be something if one of the ‘surprises’ Liam and Hope have in store for Thomas’s wedding is Vinny?

Liam and Steffy know of Vinny, but they’ve never had the chance to meet him. They got as far as his apartment but found Zoe living there as he was with his girlfriend. Though, Steffy might have known of him as he and Thomas were friends growing up.

Thomas Falls Apart

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We’ve seen Thomas in a state of hysteria in recent times when he tried kidnapping Hope. However, his so-called Empire is about to topple down around him and it’s going to be so sweet to see him fall with it. What’s amazing about Steffy, Liam, and Hope teaming up together as this probably the first time in history they’ve all played for the same team.

They know what the asshole is capable of and their goal is protect Douglas and put Thomas in his place. Steffy and Hope have never seen eye-to-eye on anything but this could be their real chance to do something beneficial. Perhaps, they’ll actually put aside their differences for Kelly and Beth’s sakes.

The two Spencer baby mamas could be very good friends if they stopped fighting over Liam. However, Thomas would still be an obstacle. He has always hated that Hope loves Liam and has never liked that his rival ‘stole’ her from him. The way Thomas uses women to get the one wants is like a process of elimination. It will be truly EPIC to see Thomas explode with rage as his ‘true love’ gets away from him and hopefully takes Douglas with her.

What Will Happen With Douglas?

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There’s going to be so much going on next week that we need to stop and think about how this whole plan effects Douglas. He adores Hope and she’s legally his mother so what will happen when she follows him upstairs? What will she do that stuns the wedding party and could it have something to do with her adoptive son?

We can’t say yes to that question, but we cannot say no either. Why? Well, we don’t know what Hope has in store. We know Thomas wants her to stop the wedding but will she do it in a way he doesn’t expect? We know she won’t marry him, despite what Douglas wants her to do.

Once the whole story comes out about what Thomas is doing to snag Hope, it’s possible that Hope will apply for full custody of the little boy to give his father as taste of his own medicine. To have his son taken from him after claiming he wants Hope so they can complete their perfect family. Does he forget that his son is also the grandson of Karen and Dani, Caroline’s mothers? He grieved with them over their daughter’s death and now he’s pretending they don’t exist?

Douglas should be with people who genuinely love him, meaning Hope. He also adores Beth. If Hope were to marry Thomas there would be no room for Beth. Also, he’d be a terrible stepfather to her anyway. With that being said, Hope should also change Douglas’s last name to Logan like Eric did when he adopted Marcus.

However, unlike Marcus, Douglas wouldn’t get a say as he’s too young to make a big decision like that. Sure, it would irk Ridge but it’s not his choice to make. It’s Hope’s as she’s legally his grandson’s mother.

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