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The Bold And The Beautiful: Could Sally’s Fake Illness Come Back To Bite Her?

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Sally’s scheme to steal Wyatt back from Flo by having a fake illness might just bite her in the behind as she might end up with an actual sickness…

Deeply in love and wanting to win for once, Sally Spectra thinks a fake illness is the key to winning Wyatt back and away from her her arch-rival, Flo. However, head writer Bradley Bell has hinted that there might be more to this storyline than we think.

It’s hinted that that perhaps Sally’s fake illness could become a reality. When it comes to soap operas, there’s always a catch when someone says something but it comes back to get them.

We know she’s faking her sickness, but how long will it take for her fake illness to morph into something more real?

In The Name Of Love

The whole reason Sally invented her fake illness was to win back ‘the love of her life’ Wyatt Spencer. She also wants to one up her rival, Flo and blames her for stealing her man. However, it was her own fault given she said Liam’s name and not her then-fiancée’s.

While it was a slip of the tongue, it pushed the middle Spencer back to his first love who played along in Reese Buckingham’s plan to sell his [Wyatt] niece to an unknowing Steffy. While Katie made him realise that Flo was a good person, it did not go down well with Sally.

Sally’s motivations are given by her love for Wyatt, but does this make her evil like her ex, Thomas? Yes and no, if you think about it in a sensible manner.

Like Old Tommy Boy, Sally is obsessed with her target. Like him, she thinks Flo stole Wyatt from her. Thomas believed Liam took Hope from him. However, they’re going about their plans in totally different ways.

Thomas used Douglas as a pawn in his plan along with Zoe. Sally, on the other hand, is faking an illness. However, the Forrester heir took it a few steps further and destroyed his father and stepmother’s marriage.

Sally has conned her friend Penny Escobar into her plan to woo Wyatt back to her. Thomas’ plan backfired on him when his sister got involved and helped Hope and Liam with their plan to out her brother.

Flo And Zoe Become Suspicious

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We know Flo and Zoe had a heart-to-heart conversation last week and it has caused a few things to arise. After talking to her former co-conspirator, the model voices her concerns to Steffy about Sally but is ultimately dismissed.

Zoe feels it’s weird that Wyatt would invite his ex to live with him while she’s dying. Steffy tries to ease her concerns saying it was Flo’s idea and that she’s okay with her boyfriend being with Sally during her final days.

However, her conversation with Flo has Zoe suspicious of her co-worker and how it seems too convenient. Despite everything she’s done and suffered at Thomas’ hands, she has every right to be wary. She’s heard things around the office about Sally’s illness and now she knows it’s ‘terminal’.

Meanwhile, Flo goes to see Penny at her office in order to get some answers. However, due to doctor/patient confidentiality, Escobar can’t actually tell her anything. This will get back to Sally as she does not want her friend to ruin her plan.

Will Bell’s Hint Come To Pass?

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Now, we need to consider what Brad Bell has said. Normally, when he talks about something that is going to happen, it normally does. So, where does that put this storyline? Will this mean that Sally will be the one to die? There was a tease late last year or early this year stating that someone on The Bold and the Beautiful would perish.

We assumed it would’ve been Sally given the fake illness storyline. It can still happen but we need to think about the current situation going on with the world right now. There is no telling how far they got into filming this story.

Also, we need to take into consideration how far they actually want to take it. So far, it looks like they’ve reached they’re close to the peak as Flo is looking into the illness despite not knowing anything about it.

If they have completed the storyline and we hope they have, we might discover the embattled and obsessed designer’s fate soon enough. For now though, we just need to sit tight and hope they don’t drag it out the way Bell did with the Beth Switch.

When An Obsession Is Over-The-Top

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Sally’s obsession is now out of control and she’s taking advantage of Wyatt (and Flo)’s kindness. She wants her ex-fiancée to see they were good together. Today, she even tried to make him see that by attempting to kiss him. Also, she’s continuing to blame her rival for the break up when she herself is the one that stuffed up by calling her beau by his brother’s name.

As fans have learned very quickly with Thomas, Sally doesn’t think she’s obsessed and that she has some right to Wyatt. Sure, they have a connection, but it’s not as strong as the feelings he has for Flo.

Sally doesn’t understand how one slip up can cause Wyatt to go back to his ex who went along with his niece’s kidnapping. However, she has some unprecedented feelings of hate towards Flo. She’s clearly jealous of the connection the two childhood sweethearts have and won’t back down until she gets what she wants.

Wyatt is not an idiot. He wants what is best for his ex-flame but he’s also oblivious to the idea that she could want him back. That is, until now. Sally tells him outright she wants him back and that she’s always loved him which leads to her trying to kiss him. She tells him that she will only seek treatment if they’re together as a couple.

Later, when Wyatt is talking to Flo he tells her what happened. To her credit, she immediately says that what Sally is trying to do is emotional blackmail. It’s here that we see things are clearer now. It’s a scheme that will only end in Sally getting hurt. Karma really is a bitch.

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