Yawn! Why Should We Care That Logan Paul And Tana Mongeau Went On A Fake Date?

Fake Date

Why should we care about a fake date between fake in-laws?

Youtube can be a very fake virtual space when it wants to be and they don’t come as fake as Tana Mongeau and Logan Paul. We’ve spoken about one of these Youtubers before, but not in great detail. Okay, we know zero about them but we don’t really care. They’re just in it for the clicks and nothing more, but this really takes the cake. They went on a fake date.

Now, this is an eye roll worthy offence in the minds of many people. These two idiots are only famous due to their controversial content. Yep, Paul is the one who went into a suicide forest in Japan and filmed a dead body while Mongeau faked a wedding to his brother [Jake Paul] just for clicks.

So… why should people care if they went on a fake date? It’s ludicrous but we’re talking about it so that’s something. Also, why do people follow them? It’s beyond us.

[Credit: TENOR]

Sure, Mongeau was in an open relationship with Bella Thorne but who really cares who she is? Logan Paul has 25Million fans who think he’s cool! He and his fake sister-in-law deserve each other because they’re as cringe-worthy as the whole Olivia Jade dilemma.

Parents shouldn’t allow their kids to admire these people. These two are NOT role models. They thrive when the camera is on them and all they want is attention. If they think a fake date is genius then they’re bigger morons than we could have imagined. For them to pull something as lame as this would mean they’re not getting the views they think they deserve.

*sarcasm* Oh we feel so sorry for them! 🙄 Not! The point is, people like Tana and Logan don’t deserve your time. You could spend the time reading an educational book or something.

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