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Exploring Krypton: A Detailed Journey Into Seg’s World – Part: 2 – Allies and Friends

Seg’s fight against tyranny doesn’t need to be alone for he has friends and allies…

Allies and Friends

When you’re a superhero, you need all the friends and allies you can get. Luckily for Seg, he has plenty in his corner.

House Of El

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The earliest allies in Seg’s fight are his parents and grandfather. Inspired by his grandfather, Seg is forced to pick up where Val left off after Daron-Vex tries to manipulate him after his parents’ deaths. 

Before they were killed, Ter and Charys believed Val’s claims about an alien menace. Without proof, they couldn’t tell anyone, let alone get into Val’s lab without a key. Ter, being overprotective of his wife and son after his father’s death, refused to tell Seg about what his grandfather knew.

Growing up, Seg idolised his grandfather. He adored Val and was devastated when he was executed for treason. This sent him spiraling into a rebellious phase that often saw him getting arrested.

Even after Ter and Charys are killed by Jayna, Seg maintains the beliefs his mother instilled in him to fight back against the tyrannical regime of the Voice of Rao and Daron-Vex.


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Seg may be an only child, but he has a strong brother-like bond with his best friend, Kem. A barkeeper who will do anything for Seg, Kem keeps having to stop his best mate from getting himself arrested. Seg relies on Kem to keep him grounded to stop him from doing something he’ll regret.

Adam Strange

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When they meet, Seg thinks Adam Strange is one of the oddest people he has ever met. He thinks the human is from Detroit, which he mistakes for a planet and laughs at his last name. Over time, Adam and Seg become the unlikeliest of friends… until Adam lies to him about how much he knew about Kal-El.

Despite Adam withholding the truth, Seg wouldn’t have known about General Zod being his grandson’s arch enemy. Also, he would be dead if he hadn’t stepped in when Ona tried to kill him and Seg.

Ona And Rhom

There’s not much information on Seg’s relationship with Ona and her mother, Rhom. All we know about the friendship is Seg is acquainted with them because his parents looked after Ona when Rhom worked nights. When Ter and Charys died, the mother-daughter paid their respects to Seg.

Rhom fell victim to Brainiac’s probe and died when the probe’s connection severed, though issued a warning to Adam about Ona before she expired.

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