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Exploring Krypton: A Detailed Journey Into Seg’s World – Part: 7 – Unacknowledged Characters And Plot Points

When you’re playing around in the DC Comics sandbox for television series like Krypton, things tend to get overlooked. Season 1 set the foundation for what’s to come with Krypton Season 2. Here, we will explore some of the unacknowledged plot points and characters that didn’t any form attention in Season 1.

Unacknowledged Characters And Plot Points

All throughout the first season were things that weren’t acknowledged. Here are just a few of the ones we found.

House of Van?

[Credit: AUX – The AV Club]

Krypton begins with four mighty houses: House Vex, House Zod, House Em, and most importantly, House El. However, there was one family who are not mentioned: House Van. Now, if you’re familiar with Superman lore, you may remember Lara Lor-Van, the biological mother of Superman. Sure, the series is set two hundred years before Superman is meant to be born, but what’s the harm in introducing one of the major players that helps bring Superman to life?

It wouldn’t even have to be Lara’s family. It could be another branch of the family where whoever they use is distantly related to Lara and her family.

Lyta’s Father

[Credit: Comic Book]

One question that is raised is who the father of Lyta? We know from what Georgina Campbell has said, she doesn’t have one. However, we know that in order to have a child within the Genesis Chamber, female and male DNA is required.

Lyta’s father could be anybody, but unlike Seg and Nyssa, Jayna likely had the choice of who would be the father of her child. He could have died before Lyta’s birth and Jayna never mentioned him and scolded her daughter if she ever asked.

How Is Vidar Still Alive?

[Credit: Syfy]

In the episode House of Zod, we learn a bit about Jayna’s childhood. We learn she had a brother, Vidar who was believed to have died. According to the episode, Jayna and her brother were pitted against each other by their father who wanted to see who would carry on the Zod name.

During the last part of the season, we learn Vidar is alive, but it’s how he survived over twenty years and didn’t try to contact Jayna that’s a mystery. It could be explained this season as it looks like he appears in the trailer trekking through the Outlands with Jayna.

Nyssa’s Mother And Four Sisters

[Credit: Syfy]

From the beginning of the season, we noticed that Nyssa’s mother and sisters were absent. We learn later that Nyssa’s four sisters live in Kryptonopolis, presumbly to get away from their father. However, there’s no names assoicated with her sisters. They receive a mention at least twice while Nyssa’s mother was only mentioned by Jax-Ur in the season one finale when she asked Nyssa if she remembered how her mother died.

We know that when Daron married his wife, he took her name and that he came from a family that didn’t have much significance in guilded society. It’s not known what his surname was before he married.

Fingers crossed in Season 2 we get more context into the identities of Nyssa’s sisters and mother.  

Seg’s Grandmother

[Credit: Syfy]

When we’re introduced to the House of El, we meet Seg’s parents, Ter and Charys, young Seg and his paternal grandfather, Val. However, there is no reference to Val’s wife; Seg’s paternal grandmother.

Not all the gaps needs to be filled in when it comes to family trees in media like Krypton, but it’s nice to know how certain characters go from point A to point B.

What Is The Status Of Superman?

[Credit: IGN India]

Since the beginning of the series and the introduction of the hourglass-esque cape, we’ve wondered what the status of Superman is. While we know the cape was restored briefly when Brainiac was pulled into the Phantom Zone. It changed when Zod smashed the control panel for the Phantom Zone projector after Brainiac pulled Seg in with him.

Since Season Two picks up six months after the One Month Later scene at the end of the Season One, we could discover what Superman’s status is after his newly discovered uncle forced his grandfather in remain in the Phantom Zone.

Where Is Adam?

[Credit: Rotten Tomatoes]

To say Adam is a D-grade superhero is the understatement of the last century. When he put himself between Seg, Kem and a ready-to explode Ona, his pals thought he’d died. We as the audience know that isn’t the case. He just transported to places unknown. However, where he is up for debate.

Some people say he’s back on Earth in a future where Zod rules the universe. Others say he’s trapped on Brainiac’s ship because everyone is frozen and he’s not for some reason.

According to the Season 2 trailers, he manages to get out of wherever he is and manages to get into the Phantom Zone where he reunites with Seg. However, we don’t know how he manages to get out of where he was when he got trapped. We’re hoping early season 2 adds some insight.

Sardath and Alanna

[Credit: Comic Vine]

No one was expecting Sardath and Alanna to even get a mention in Season 1. For anyone not familiar with the characters, Sardath and Alanna were associates of Adam in the comics on the planet Rann. Adam and Alanna married at some point too.

In Krypton, we don’t physically see them, but we do hear their voices when we see where Adam went after the Zeta Beam sucked him back in time when he cornered Seg in the Pilot episode.

What was great about this very brief voice cameo is we learn from their voices that Adam stole the Zeta Beam from them. We hear Adam call Sardath an asshole while he [Sardath] accuses Adam of stealing from him. We don’t hear Alanna until the last moments of the episode where she sounds hurts that Adam would betray them. It’s like we can tell from her voice alone that she has a thing for him.

Was Adam On Rann?

[Credit: Do You Even Comic Book]

One of the locations that hasn’t been referenced yet is Rann, which is the planet Adam is mostly assoicated with in the comics. This also links to our previous point on Sardath and Alanna.

So, when we saw or rather heard Sardath and Alanna, was Adam on Rann when this occurred? Probably. If you’re familar with the characters, Sardath was a scientist who developed the Zeta Beam technology. We don’t really see him residing elsewhere unless something were to happen to the planet.

Also, Sardath probably got a lock on the Zeta Beam after discovering Adam had stolen it and wanted to take a swipe at him for claiming he came up with the invention.

We’d love to see more of Rann and how Adam came to know about it.

How Are The Rankless Born?

KRYPTON — “The Rankless Initiative” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Una Carroll as Vendor, Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

Krypton’s main source of reproduction is the Genesis Chamber. Natural conception and births via the womb hasn’t occured in hundreds, if not, thousands of years. Know the guilded reproduce here but how to the Rankless reproduce?

We know that when Seg and Nyssa conceive their son, Cor-Vex, Seg is Rankless and doesn’t return to his ranked status until after Jayna kills his parents. So for a Rankless couple, how do they conceive a child? Is the Genesis Chamber reserved for the ranked only or is it used by the rankless too?


[Credit: The CW – Supergirl]

Krypton wasted no time explaining that Seg was almost the last of the El family. In just the opening monologue in a message from Seg to his future grandson, we learn Val was tried for treason for something [Brainiac] the government was trying to keep covered up.

Later in the season when General Zod comes in, he reveals that his childhood best friend was Jor-El who turned his back on him and had him sentenced to the Phantom Zone. At this time, he had no idea Seg was his father and that Jor-El was his half-brother.

Season 1 states plainly that Seg will have at least, three sons to three different women; Cor-Vex with Nyssa, Dru-Zod with Lyta and Jor-El with an unknown woman. However, what about the existence of his lesser known son, Zor-El? We know Jor-El needs to be born for Superman to exist, but there’s been no reference to Zor-El, the father of Seg’s granddaughter, Kara.

Since the show uses time travel, Zor-El might not have existed in the original timeline and may exist in the twisted future Zod created.

Kara Zor-El

[Credit: Slideshow Collectables]

As referenced above, there’s been no reference to Kara Zor-El, Seg’s possible future granddaughter.

It would be cool if there was a fleeting reference to her by Adam since he claims to know Superman as the Man of Steel gave him his cape as proof to get his grandfather to save their family line. It’s too early in the story to know if Supergirl exists, but having a reference to her would be a great way to cement her place in Krypton’s timeline. 

Kem’s Mental State

[Credit: Tumblr]

Kem might be Seg’s best friend, but he’s just as important to the story as his bestie. As a Rankless, he knows people and can get information about what is going on above in the Guilds.

His storyline in Season 1 revolved around his friend Rhom and her daughter, Ona. After Rhom is possessed by one of Brainiac’s probes and dies, he becomes the guardian of Ona who calls him ‘Uncle Kem’ due to her mother’s close friendship with the tavern owner. 

Ona is seen to be overly religious and is devoted to the Voice of Rao. After the death of her mother, she asks Kem to take her to the Lunar celebration as it was a tradition her mother started with her. When she meets the Voice of Rao, he makes her his disciple. As it turns out, he uses her as a pawn and turns her into a living bomb in an attempt to kill Seg.

Her death devastated Kem. Seg sends him to Kryptonoplis in order to keep him safe while he and the others dealt with Brainiac. We see him again in the final seconds of Season 1 when he is conscripted into Zod’s army.

Season 2 should show what his mental state is since Ona and Rhom’s deaths. From the recent trailer, we see he’s a member of the Resistance that Val and Jax set up between seasons. We only get a brief glimpse of him and we don’t know much else including how much of a role he’ll have.

What Happened To Jayna And Vidar’s Father?

[Credit: Syfy]

Another mystery that surrounds House Zod is what happened to Jayna and Vidar’s father as he only appears in flashbacks of their youth. The reasonable explanation is that he died and handed leadership over to Jayna before he passed. However, it’s never stated if he is dead as Jayna never mentions him. Though, he does appear to Jayna in the form of a training robot during the House of Zod episode.

Will Cor-Vex Live To Meet Seg?

[Credit: Syfy]

In the Pilot episode, we see Seg and Nyssa go to the Genesis Chamber and concieve a child; a son, Cor-Vex. At the end of the season, we learn that Brainiac is using the life forces of the fetuses in the chamber to feed. We also see Nyssa manage to get the pod containing her son out of the chamber before he could become a victim to the world-stealing alien.

So, that begs the question: will Cor-Vex live to meet his father? It’s safe to say yes, he will. We know this because the first featurette for Season 2 shows a brief shot of Nyssa holding a baby in her arms. When this takes place is unknown but it will probably take place when Seg escapes the Phantom Zone.

Are There More Clones Like Nyssa?

[Credit: Syfy]

Speaking of Nyssa, we learn in the season 1 finale she’s a clone of the original Nyssa-Vex who was critically injured in a skimmer crash that killed her mother. It’s implied that the original Nyssa’s body expired after the transfer of her consciousness into a clone body.

It will be cool to see other clones like her as Jax did say the clones were created so the guilded could live forever and think they did so as their bodies were nothing than empty shells. 

Other Members of House Em

KRYPTON — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

The most mysterious character in Season 1 was Dev-Em. We know he’s betrothed to Lyta and he’s in love with her. He looks down at Seg as being not worthy of her. However, we don’t know much about him. We know his family was murdered and he relives their deaths in his dreams.

What if there’s other members of the family out there somewhere and he doesn’t know? It would be great if we knew how they were murdered and why.

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