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Exploring Krypton: A Detailed Journey Into Seg’s World – Part: 6 – 10 Fun Facts About Season 1

No show is ever complete without trivia and facts…

Facts about your favorite media are always fun to read about. Here’re ten facts we found about Krypton Season 1.

10 Fun Facts About Season 1

Nothing says a fan moment more than seeing and picking up on references from other mediums and/or things that have been mentioned in passing.

1. Not A Prequel

[Credit: The Indian Express]

Originally, Krypton was a prequel series to the film Man of Steel. However, things changed during production of the Pilot episode. After the episode was shot, some things were changed and many of the scenes were reshot.

2. Dyed Hair

[Credit: Syfy]

Wallis Day who plays Nyssa-Vex is actually a brunette and had to dye her hair blonde.

3. Open Plot

Various plot points throughout the first season were left open for season 2. These plots include:

  • Brainiac and Seg in the Phantom Zone
  • Cor-Vex’s existance and birth
  • Adam’s Whereabouts
  • Superman’s existance after Zod’s takeover
  • Doomsday’s Rampage
  • Val’s Role Within Jax-Ur’s Resistance
  • Kem’s new purpose without Ona

4. Changed Spelling

Seg’s name wasn’t spelt as it is in the show in the comics. The comics version of Seg’s name is ’Seyg-El’ with an extra letter. He was named after Superman creator Jerry Siegel.

5. Named Dropped Characters

Throughout the first season, we hear familar names from all corners of the DC Multiverse. Here’s a few that caught our attention:

  • Sadath
  • Alanna
  • Jor-El
  • Lex Luthor (on cigerette packet)
  • Hugo Strange?
  • Flamebird

6. Cape

If you’re a longtime Superman fan then this fact is for you. The cape Adam pulls from his bag is a replica of the cape worn by Christopher Reeves’s Superman.

7. The Doctor Strange Reference

[Credit: Comic Book]

When Seg takes Adam to his grandfather’s Fortress of Solitude, Val addresses Adam as Mister Strange. Adam tells him Mister Strange was his dad and that he should call him Doctor before he babbles on. For all you Marvel fans out there who watch Krypton, Adam made a reference to Marvel’s Doctor Stephen Strange AKA Doctor Strange. He could have also been referencing Doctor Hugo Strange in DC Comics.

8. The Arrow and Smallville Connections

[Credit: Inverse]

If you’ve been watching DCTV shows for a while you would have picked up on two actors who have appeared in previous DC televison shows. The first is Shaun Sipos who plays Adam Strange. Sipos had a small role in Smallville when Tom Welling was playing a young Kal-El.

The second reference is Colin Salmon who portrays Lyta and Seg’s future evil son, General Dru-Zod. Salmon is best known the Arrowverse for playing Walter Steele, the stepfather of Oliver and Thea Queen and the best friend of Robert Queen in Arrow. 

9. Game of Thones

[Credit: Game of Thrones wikia]

For all you Game of Thrones buffs out there, you would have picked up on Ian McElhinney and Hannah Waddingham appearing in Krypton as Seg’s grandfather, Val-El and Black Zero leader Jax-Ur. In Games of Thrones, McElhinney played Barristan Selmy while Waddingham portrayed Septa Unella.

10. A Real Wonder Woman

[Credit: Indie Wire]

We know her as the hardened and tough mother of Lyta in Krypton but did you know Ann Ogbomo appeared as an Amazon alongside Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman? Yep, she played a background Amazon named Philippus in both Wonder Woman and Justice League.

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