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Exploring Krypton: A Detailed Journey Into Seg’s World – Part: 5 – Memorable Storylines

All television shows has a storyline that stands out. Here are the memorable storylines from Krypton Season 1

You cannot have a television series like Krypton without memorable storylines to allow us to come back and watch more of the show. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable storylines from the first season. 

Seg + Lyta: Romeo and Juliet in Space

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One of the most recognisable storylines in the first season is the secret love affair between Seg and Lyta. The relationship has been discussed by the crew as Romeo and Juliet in space. We see their relationship has been going on for some time when we learn of the relationship in the Pilot episode.

As time goes on, they break up, get back together and learn they have a son together who will become the arch-enemy of Seg’s grandson, Kal-El. Confused yet? Lyta manages to make Seg lower his guard enough so she can team up with their son. As of now, their relationship is unclear, but it’s unlikely Seg will forgive her for joining Dru.

 A Corrupt God

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Seg’s story begins and ends in treason. After the Voice of Rao takes over Kandor, Daron-Vex and his daughter, Nyssa attempt to cease power for themselves by taking out the corrupt and false god, the Voice of Rao. However, before they can, he gets corrupted by Brainiac and becomes the alien menace’s host body.

The Evil Son From The Future

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Nothing says family values quite like a complicated family tree. We learn in the episode Hope that General Zod, the arch-enemy of Superman is his uncle. Yep, you read that correctly. His uncle. His paternal uncle to be exact as Zod is the half-brother of Jor-El, Seg’s son and Superman’s biological father.

Zod is an El via Seg and… well, a Zod via Lyta. How else would he have been able to open the vault containing Doomsday on his own? We’ve come to know Seg well over the first season to know he’s a good guy raised in a time where the government was corrupt and only believed in their own values.

What makes Zod the ultimate big bad, is his ability to turn the tide on his apparent allies when they least expect it.

Brainiac: The World Collector

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Like every superhero show out there, there’s a big bad. The villain for Season 1 is Brainiaic. We’re not including Zod because he came in later as a villain. 

The Coluian collects worlds and adds them to his collection and his main target in the first the season is Kandor and he won’t stop until he gets it. This leads Seg and his friends to step in and banishes the alien to the Phantom Zone. However the alien drags Seg with him and Zod destorys the control panel, disabling any chance Val has to get his grandson back.

Lyta The Scapegoat

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The one storyline in the show’s first season was when the Voice of Rao asked Daron-Vex to arrest someone of high authority to act as their scapegoat so no one would suspect them of corruption. Daron decides to use Lyta as a way to get her mother to cooperate with them.

The plan backfires when Nyssa goes to speak with Lyta and discovers her innocence. Daron tries to convince his daughter that what he was doing was right but she doesn’t buy into it despite her helping him get rid of the Voice. This was probably the most memorable storyline in the season.

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