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Exploring Krypton: A Detailed Journey Into Seg’s World – Part: 4 – Locations

Locations are an important part to any story…


You cannot have a story without notable locations taken from the Superman/DC Comics gene pool. Here’s just a few that are taken directly from Superman mythology.


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One of the most recognisable places on Krypton is Kandor, the planet’s captial. This is where most of the action takes place. All the main buildings like the bases for the Miltary Guild, the Reglious Guild and the Lawmaker’s Guild are located. It’s also where the Rankless District is located.

The Rankless District

For fourteen years, Seg and his parents lived in an apartment in the Rankless District. The district is also home to Kem’s tavern and Mama Zed’s. The district is also where Adam corners Seg and tells him about Brainiac.

Despite its grungly exterior, the Rankless District is often the target of the terrorist group Black Zero or so the Miltary claimed. The place is also subject to riducule from the miltary goons that think they’re better than the rankless.

Fort Rozz

Another recognisable location is Fort Rozz. If you’ve seen Supergirl, you will have seen the Kryptonian prison firsthand in a handful of episodes in previous episodes. In Krypton, the prison is also home to the Miltary Guild and where Seg’s mother was held when she was arrested by Dev in the pilot episode.

The Phantom Zone

You can’t have anything Superman-related without mentioning the Phantom Zone at least once. Well, we learn from Val’s holographic self that he named the portal that leads to another dimension. However, we don’t actually see what’s in this other realm, but that will change when we head into Season 2 where we see Seg 6 months after he disappeared. 

Fortress of Solitude

No story about the House of El is complete without a Fortress of Solitude. We learn in the pilot episode that Superman wasn’t the first El to have his own base of operations.

The Man of Steel’s great-great grandfather, Val-El started the ‘tradition’. It’s hear that Seg converses with his meant-to-be dead grandfather’s holographic form for help. It’s also where the Phantom Zone projector is located.

Mentioned Locations

Despite not appearing in the first season, three familar locations were mentioned in various episodes. We’re hoping these characters will make an appearance of some kind in Season 2.

Argo City

One of the most recognisable locations that was mentioned was Argo City, the birthplace of Seg’s potential future granddaughter, Kara Zor-El. Nyssa mentions the city to Seg when they were talking about getting out of Kandor.

Science Guild

The Science Guild has always played a role in Superman mythology as the House of El are members of the guild. We see the quarters for the Military, Religious, and Lawmaker Guilds, but we never actually see the quarters for the Science Guild. We know the guild itself exists, but we’ve never actually seen their headquarters. 


We hear the name Kryptonopolis thrown around throughout the season by Nyssa as her sisters live there. Also, Seg sends Kem there after he loses Ona when she blows up in front of him.

Currently, we don’t know if we’ll actually see the place, but it would be nice if we did.

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