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Exploring Krypton: A Detailed Journey Into Seg’s World – Part: 3 – Enemies And Frenemies

Seg has enemies and frenemies left, right and centre. Let’s meet some of them now…

You can’t be a hero and not have enemies and frenemies. These individuals will do anything to ruin Seg and to get what they want.


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A real pain Seg’s ass, Daron-Vex is Nyssa’s father who wants nothing more than to rule Krypton. To get a handle of the situation, he intends Nyssa to Seg to control the only surviving El, wanting to rid Krypton of the House of El.

He also plans to overthrow the Voice of Rao, but he needs Nyssa‘s help. He ends up framing Lyta for treason and works for Brainiac before he meets his demise at the hands of Jax-Ur

General Dru-Zod

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A traveler from the future and previously called the Commander, General Zod is the enemy of Seg’s future grandson, Kal-El. Little does the Man of Steel know, his greatest alien foe is in fact, his uncle. To matters even worse, the next generation of the Zod name didn’t know who his father was until he saw the way his mother interacted with Seg. Talk about daddy issues!

Zod also challenges his maternal grandmother, Jayna-Zod to a Kandorian Duel which sees Lyta having to graze her mother to prevent her future son from killing her. If you thought that was rough, there’s more to the good general than you’d think. He was also willing to sacrifice his own existence when he trapped his father in the Phantom Zone with Brainiac.

As he explains, his history with the House of El is complicated and he betrayed his best friend (and unknown half-brother) Jor-El and was sent to the Phantom Zone as punishment.


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Seen briefly, Doomsday is an undestroyable beast created years ago by the El and Zod families. The beast became an unstoppable killing machine and was put on ice and given to the Cythonnites for safe keeping. When Lyta and her son go to free the creature, Jayna and Seg beat them and have the containment cell moved. 

However, the move was a poor choice as the field that holds Doomsday in stasis fails. Once the field fails completely, Doomsday breaks free and goes on a rampage.


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The main threat of the first season, Brainiac will stop at nothing to collect Kandor but Seg and the House of El stands in his way. He possesses the Voice of Rao and takes over his body. He bewitches all of Kandor into thinking he’s the Voice of Rao and makes Ona into a living bomb. Before he can take on Seg in combat, he gets sucked up into the Phantom Zone and he takes Seg with him.


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 Dev-Em isn’t one of Seg’s enemies. More like Seg’s arch-rival who fights him for Lyta. He’s been in love with Lyta since they were children and is always looking out for her. Dev hates Seg and tries to get him to stay away from his girl, but it doesn’t work… Obviously.

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