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Exploring Krypton: A Detailed Journey Into Seg’s World – Part: 1 – The Heroes


Seg and company are back for Krypton Season 2. So, what will happen now the House of El’s future is trapped inside the Phantom Zone? Let’s see what our heroes have to say.

In T-Minus one day, Krypton returns for its Sophomore outing. We know Seg’s journey is far from over and there’re new adventures coming. This needs to happen before Kal-El’s birth… if that ends up happening. Thanks, Zod! We still have the heroes, thankfully.

This guide breaks into parts and will talk everything from our heroes to what we want to happen next. Caution: The upcoming series of posts will have spoilers for Season 1 and potential spoilers for the second. Read at your own risk.

Please note: This guide is in multiple parts. To move to the next post in this series, click the NEXT text at the BOTTOM of each part.

The Heroes

When you’re faced with baddies, you need a hero to save the day, right? Not always. Our three heroes aren’t hero material from first glance, but they want to do the right thing by Krypton, no matter what their perspective is.


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From a young age, Seg has had to fight for justice. After being cast out of Ranked society after his grandfather’s execution for treason, Seg despised the guilded for having Val-El killed for something the government tried to cover up.

At 23 and the sole survivor of the House of El, Seg is far from the hero his future grandson, Kal-El will become. Described as a good kid, Seg holds the key to the survival of his family line. First, he must reunite Kryptonian society against tyrannical leadership. No pressure, right, Seg?

As the series’s central protagonist, Seg is the narrator, as we view most events from his perspective.


The youngest daughter of House Vex, Nyssa was as mysterious as she was crafty. Her father, Daron-Vex shaped her to be an ally in his plot to rule Kandor. However, Season 2 sees her in a different place after the reveal she was a clone of the original Nyssa-Vex. 

Now, a mother of her young son, Cor-Vex, the son she conceived via the Genesis Chamber with Seg, Nyssa’s goal is to fight for a better future for her son with or without his father in their lives.

Her main agenda is to keep Cor out of the clutches of his younger half-brother, Dru-Zod. She will also fight in the conflict that Zod started in order to ‘preserve’ Krypton to prevent the original fate of their planet.


Lyta is in love with Seg despite being intended to Dev-Em. She must hide her feelings for the surviving El from everyone, especially her mother and Dev.

Little does Lyta realise her future is tied to Seg in ways neither sees coming. Together, they’ll conceive a son, Dru-Zod who will one day become the adversary of Seg’s grandson, Kal-El, and the famed hero’s uncle.

Lyta’s rivalry with Nyssa-Vex comes at the most awkward of times. Especially when Seg sends his intended to stop Lyta’s execution after she is accused of allying herself with Black Zero. Also, they share something in common: Seg is the father of both their sons. Talk about an awkward family reunion.

NEXT: Part 2 – Allies and and Friends

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