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Should Celebrities Be Exempt From Quarantine?

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Selfish sports stars are calling for celebrities to be exempt from quarantine…

Last week, international sporting identities threw a fit because they were not allow to leave their hotel rooms for practice because of their quarantine orders upon their arrival into Australia ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament. In other words, they thought they would be exempt.

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has slammed the argument saying that celebrities, no matter who they are  should not be exempt from quarantine. He’s one hundred percent correct. If Australians were to travel to any other country, we would have to follow their quarantine orders. Celebrities should not be exempt because of their ‘status’.

One prime example of celebrities following the rules are Chris Pratt and the actors from Guardians of the Galaxy who will be appearing in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder directed by Taika Waititi. They have all gone through their quarantine and there are more actors on their way who will have to do the same thing.

While sport is competitive, it is a completely different ballgame (no pun intended). The international players are only pissed off because they don’t want their Australian opponents to beat them. Also, our players live in, well, Australia so there is no need to for them to complete quarantine.

For celebrities to complain about quarantine, they clearly have no care for the safety and wellbeing of those around them. Therefore, all they care about is their game. Damn all the people who aren’t important to the game of tennis. Their reasoning is stupid and selfish and they need to be called out for their behaviour. 

Safety Comes First

Australia has COVID-19 under control. Cannot say the same to how the outgoing President of the United States has handled the virus. The last thing we want to become is extinct. We’re only a small country and there’s been more people infected there than there has been here. 

What makes this unbelievable is how petty these sports stars are being. They are guests in someone else’s country. We have to follow the rules in their country, wherever they’re from. So, they should be showing us the same liberty. Anyone who has a brain should be throwing their television remote at their televisions or their laptops, phones, or tablets out the window in protest.

You don’t see people like Zac Efron complain about quarantine when he first arrived out here. Or Melissa McCarthy or Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. These complainers aka the sports stars should be made an example of and should be taken to hospitals to see people who are on ventilators who have contracted the virus.

Sorry, not sorry for the rant but sporting stars and celebrities or any description are not special. They are human beings who should be treated the same as every other person who does not have the same status as them. Their petty behaviour needs to be put on full display to show people how NOT to behave. If anything, they are no different to all the people who say that being forced to wear a mask is ‘against human rights’. Try debating that twisted logic with a human rights lawyer who would basically say what we’re saying now. Do the right thing and you won’t get called out.

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