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The Bold And The Beautiful: The Hope Mannequin Is EVIL!


Evil is the word we’d use to describe the mannequin of Hope…

Okay, we never thought we’d say this about Thomas Forrester, but this whole thing with the Hope mannequin is not really his fault and – spare us, please – we kinda feel sorry for him. There! We said it. The doll is deadset evil! It has been trying to convince Ridge’s son that he should be with the real Hope.

Not only does it have red eyes (which we’d hoped were one time thing) to show how demented it is, but how evil it is. For now, we’re just happy that Thomas is not buying into the mannequin’s ‘act’ or at least… for the time being. What makes this incredibly freaky is how he’s actually handling it. He gets sucked in for a moment before he becomes aware of what he’s doing.

While Liam has every right to be concerned, but his obsession with seeing the worst in Thomas has come to a head. Steffy, Hope, and Finn have been constantly telling him to lay off the designer, but he can’t and won’t give the history.

Going back to the evil mannequin, it wants Thomas to kill Liam and to rape Hope because ‘she wants him’. First off, that’s creepy and second, does Chuckie 2.0 recall that there’s also Beth to consider?

This is like that daydream from a while back. Tommy Boy wanted Brooke gone (as in dead) and it was the day of her funeral. Douglas was a teenager who was driving a fancy car. Hope wasn’t even upset that her mother was deceased. Not to mention, they were married. Then, there was that awkward make out session where she called him ‘sexy’. *insert shudder here*

This whole situation is just spiralling out of control. It’s just a matter of time before Thomas becomes totally unhinged once more.

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