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Escaping The Palace

Lifetime is doing another Harry and Meghan movie, this time it will be them escaping the palace…

Here we go again! There’s going to be another mush fest of a Lifetime movie about Harry and Meghan. This time it will focus on “what really happened” during Megxit, according to Buzzfeed. The film will be called Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace. We’ve seen the first two and they, at first, just cute. However, as we learned more about what was going on in reality with the couple, it started to turn our stomachs on a major level.

Buzzfeed reveals that the movie will open up the narrative of private family feuds and what really happened behind closed doors that made Harry and Meghan move themselves and Archie to America. It will also apparently detail how the Duchess of Sussex felt alone and isolated while showing how the Duke had to ‘fight the same dark forces’ that caused his mother’s untimely death in Paris in 1997.

The film will also dive into the feuds between Harry and William, Meghan and Catherine and the Duke and his father and brother which lead them to cutting and running from the royal family.

Just a quick note too. There are going to be new actors in the roles of Harry and Meghan in Escaping the Palace. The previous film recast a large portion of the cast as well as the leads. However, the actress who portrayed Catherine was the same in both films. The character of Arabella was created for the films but it is unclear whether she will play a role in this one.

We’re going to watch it just see how cringeworthy it is going to be. We’ve only seen the first two like one so, we may have to rewatch them.

Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace is coming soon to Lifetime.

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